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One of the things I like about preparing Emacs News is seeing the new packages that people have added to Emacs. It's pretty awesome! The package archives don't seem to include the date that a new package has been added, but that's easy to work around by saving the data and then comparing new archive contents with the old list. The code for this is somewhere in the very long in the Emacs News repository, so I thought I'd add comments to it and post it as a blog post as well.

The overall function that prepares a draft of Emacs News is my-prepare-emacs-news, and the code specifically related to packages is:

(my-update-package-list date)

Loading saved package data

Here, we load a list of packages and dates, and we compare them with the packages loaded from archive-contents.

(defvar my-package-list-file "~/sync/emacs-news/package-list.el")

(defun my-read-sexp-from-file (filename)
  (with-temp-buffer (insert-file-contents filename)
                    (goto-char (point-min)) (read (current-buffer))))

(defun my-update-package-list (&optional date)
  "Update the list of packages. Mark new packages with DATE."
  (interactive (list (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d")))
  (setq date (or date (format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d")))
  (let* ((archives (my-get-current-packages date))
         (old-list (my-read-sexp-from-file my-package-list-file)))
    (mapc (lambda (o)
            (let* ((old-entry (assoc-default (car o) old-list))
                     (mapcar 'cadr (cdr o))
                     (mapcar 'car (car (assoc-default (car o) old-list))))))
               ((null (assoc (car o) old-list))
                ;; new package, add it to the list
                (setq old-list
                      (cons (list (car o)
                                   (lambda (entry) (cons (cadr entry) date))
                                   (cdr o)))
                ;; existing package added to a different repository
                (setf old-entry
                       (mapcar (lambda (archive) (cons archive date))
    ;; Save to file, one package per line
    (with-temp-file my-package-list-file
      (insert "("
              (mapconcat #'prin1-to-string

The function above loads a list of packages and dates from my-package-list-file, which is package-list.el in my repository. It's a list of lists storing the package name, the repositories it's available from, and the dates I noticed it was in the repository. Each entry looks something like this:

(vhdl-ts-mode (("melpa" . "2023-08-21")))

Reading archive contents

(defun my-get-current-packages (date)
  "Return a list of package symbols with the package archive and DATE.
Example entry: `(ack (ack \"gnu\" \"2023-09-03\"))`"
  (seq-group-by 'car
                (seq-mapcat (lambda (f)
                              (let ((base (file-name-base f)))
                                 (lambda (entry)
                                   (list (car entry) base date))
                                     (expand-file-name "archive-contents" f))
                                    (goto-char (point-min))
                                    (read (current-buffer)))))))
                             (expand-file-name "archives" package-user-dir) t

Getting new packages

Then I can filter the list to get only the new packages.

(defun my-packages-between (from-date &optional to-date)
   (lambda (o)
      (or (not from-date) (not (string< (cdar (cadr o)) from-date)))
      (or (not to-date) (string< (cdar (cadr o)) to-date))))
   (my-read-sexp-from-file my-package-list-file)))

(defun my-list-new-packages (&optional date)
  (let ((packages
           (lambda (o)
             (seq-remove (lambda (archive) (string< (cdr archive) date))
                         (cadr o)))
           (my-read-sexp-from-file my-package-list-file)))))
    (if (called-interactively-p 'any)
        (insert packages)

Formatting new package entries

Formatting the entry in Emacs News is mostly a matter of grabbing the package description.

(defun my-describe-packages (list)
  "Return an Org list of package descriptions for LIST."
   (lambda (entry)
     (let* ((symbol (car entry))
            (package-desc (assoc symbol package-archive-contents)))
       (if package-desc
           (format "  - %s: %s (%s)"
                   (org-link-make-string (concat "package:" (symbol-name symbol))
                                         (symbol-name symbol))
                   (package-desc-summary (cadr package-desc))
                    (lambda (archive)
                      (pcase (car archive)
                        ("gnu" "GNU ELPA")
                        ("nongnu" "NonGNU ELPA")
                        ("melpa" "MELPA")))
                    (cadr entry)
                    ", "))

I want package links to call describe-package when I'm exploring them inside Emacs, and I want them to export as links to the appropriate repository page when I publish Emacs News as HTML or ASCII. This is handled by a custom link.

  (defun my-org-package-open (package-name)
    (interactive "MPackage name: ")
    (describe-package (intern package-name)))

  (defun my-org-package-export (link description format)
    (let* ((package-info (car (assoc-default (intern link) package-archive-contents)))
           (package-source (package-desc-archive package-info))
           (path (format
                   ((string= package-source "gnu") "")
                   ((string= package-source "nongnu") "")
                   ((string= package-source "melpa") "")
                   (t (throw 'unknown-source)))
           (desc (or description link)))
       ((eq format '11ty) (format "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"%s\">%s</a>" path desc))
       ((eq format 'html) (format "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"%s\">%s</a>" path desc))
       ((eq format 'wp) (format "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"%s\">%s</a>" path desc))
       ((eq format 'ascii) (format "%s <%s>" desc path))
       (t path))))

  (org-link-set-parameters "package" :follow 'my-org-package-open :export 'my-org-package-export)

  (ert-deftest my-org-package-export ()
      (my-org-package-export "transcribe" "transcribe" 'html)
      "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">transcribe</a>"
      (my-org-package-export "fireplace" "fireplace" 'html)
      "<a target=\"_blank\" href=\"\">fireplace</a>"

Announcing new GNU ELPA packages by e-mail

I announce new GNU ELPA packages on the mailing list. I decided to leave this as partially automated instead of fully automating it, since it involves e-mails that go out to lots of people.

Whenever I prepare Emacs News, I look at the list of new packages for ones in the GNU ELPA repository. Then I use this function to draft the e-mail that announces it. To reduce the risk of errors, I default to the symbol at point, and I use only ELPA packages for completion.

(defun my-announce-elpa-package (package-name)
  "Compose an announcement for PACKAGE-NAME for info-gnu-emacs."
  (interactive (let* ((guess (or (function-called-at-point)
                 (require 'finder-inf nil t)
                 ;; Load the package list if necessary (but don't activate them).
                 (unless package--initialized
                   (package-initialize t))
                 (let ((packages
                        (mapcar #'car
                                 (lambda (p)
                                   (seq-find (lambda (entry)
                                               (string= (package-desc-archive entry)
                                             (cdr p)))
                   (unless (memq guess packages)
                     (setq guess nil))
                   (setq packages (mapcar #'symbol-name packages))
                   (let ((val
                          (completing-read (format-prompt "Describe package" guess)
                                           packages nil t nil nil (when guess
                                                                    (symbol-name guess)))))
                     (list (and (> (length val) 0) (intern val)))))))
  (let ((package (car (assoc-default package-name package-archive-contents))))
    (compose-mail ""
                  (format "New GNU ELPA package: %s - %s"
                          (package-desc-name package)
                          (package-desc-summary package)))
    (describe-package-1 package-name)
    (delete-region (point)
                   (progn (re-search-forward " *Summary:") (match-beginning 0)))
      (goto-char (point-max))
      (insert "\n\n---------\nYou are receiving this message via the mailing list.\nList info/preferences:")
      (goto-char (point-min))
      (when (re-search-forward "Maintainer: \\(.+\\)" nil t)
        (message-add-header (concat "Reply-To: " user-mail-address ", " (match-string 1))
                            (concat "Mail-Followup-To: " user-mail-address ", " (match-string 1)))))))

Ideas for future stuff

It might be nice to use this information to publish an RSS feed of new packages, look up the package homepages for screenshots/GIFs/videos, or cross-reference blog posts and community discussions.

Anyway, that's how I keep track of new Emacs packages!

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