2024-01-21 Yay Emacs: copy link, Spookfox + Org Babel, choosing what to hack on, SVG highlighting, ical

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<2024-01-21 Sun 07:30-08:15>

Very rough notes, just gotta get them out there! =)

  • 7:24:43 AM Hello and thanks for joining me!
  • Meta information:
  • Do you have any Yay Emacs moments this week?
  • 7:31:23 AM trying vdo.ninja to get the video from the X230T to the Surface Book and using OBS from the Surface Book
  • 7:32:12 AM Org Mode custom link: copy to clipboard
  • 7:34:49 AM Running the current Org Mode Babel Javascript block from Emacs using Spookfox
  • 7:45:42 AM Emacs tweaks: Choosing what to hack on (also, I figured out dynamically highlighting SVG diagrams from Graphviz!)
  • 8:14:16 AM What are you looking forward to exploring next week?
    • Me, maybe:
      • using soundex and a list of commonly misrecognized words to correct transcripts
      • Map of Emacs communities for possible 5-minute lightning talk at LibrePlanet
      • smarter refiling: tag target, active thoughts/posts/projects, card/pile sorting
      • (Update: None of this happened, but that's cool! Figured out how to add closed captions for audio on my site and how to synchronize sketch highlights with the audio)

Also, my Evil Plan for Yay Emacs!

I'd love to hear your comments via YouTube live chat, Mastodon (I'm @sachac@emacs.ch), or e-mail (sacha@sachachua.com).

Thanks to:

Other notes:

Next livestream: Sat 2024-01-28 7:30 AM EST, https://yayemacs.com and https://youtube.com/@sachactube/live . I'll probably talk about learning more about Emacs Lisp functions using apropos-function, eldoc, marginalia, helpful, and elisp-demos. See you then!

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