Accelerated Learning interview: Timothy Kenny and Sacha Chua

20130727 Accelerated Learning

Quick link to talking points as a map

0m55 Visual book reviews
2m44 Accelerated learning profile
3m22 Having lots of interests
4m13 Gardening
6m02 Biggest interests
6m39 Learning styles
7m37 Growing as an artist –
16m20 How much time does it take to draw?
17m56 If you don’t know how much information there will be, how do you know how dense your drawing should be?
18m30 What tools I use for sketchnoting
20m16 Printing things out / digitally organizing things
21m54 Being inspired by others
23m30 Starting with handwritten notes
25m00 Drawing emotions
25m01 Mapping businesses and projects
26m29 Delegation and outsourcing
28m30 Blogging and connecting
32m18 Keeping a large blog organized
35m04 Regular review
36m25 The 5-year experiment with semi-retirement
43m39 How hobbies fit together
46m50 Getting better at learning
50m59 A visual thesaurus / building your visual vocabulary
52m30 Creativity
60m01 The future: visual learning?
64m00 Introversion
67m32 Signing off –

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