Book idea: Accelerate Your Learning With Sketchnotes

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For: Entrepreneurial visual thinkers who would like to learn more effectively
Outcome: people have taken their first few sketchnotes and are ready to use it for learning
Possible collaborator: Timothy Kenny

Book idea #1: Accelerate Your Learning With Sketchnotes

Book idea #2: Learning With Sketchnotes

Audience: Teachers, homeschoolers/unschoolers/parents who want to
teach more engagingly and help their students develop notetaking
Outcome: Ready to practise on their own, and possibly teaching others
how to sketchnote in their classes

  • Why sketchnote?
  • Examples
  • Common challenges
  • Getting started
  • Sketchnote basics
    • Annotating printed text
    • Starting with hand-written notes
    • Adding emphasis
    • Starting with stick figures
    • Drawing symbols
    • Drawing abstract concepts
    • Organizing the page
  • Sketching your preparatory notes
  • Sketching your lesson
  • Sketching worksheets
  • Teaching others how to sketchnote
    • A one-page guide
  • Drawing practice
    • (as above)
    • Symbols
      • Science
      • Technology
      • Math
      • History
      • Art
      • Language
      • Music
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