Tips for organizers who are looking for event sketchnotes / graphic notes

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Sketchnotes are a great way to communicate the key ideas from conferences and events. People often ask me if they can hire me to do sketchnotes for their event. I’ve been focusing on drawing my own content lately, so I’ve put together some tips to help you find the sketchnoter or graphic recorder who can meet your event’s needs. Hope these help!

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What do you need for your event?

2013-11-11 What kind of visual records do you want for your event

How to look for sketchnoters

2013-11-11 How to look for sketchnoters and graphic recorders

How can you make the most of your event sketches?


2013-11-11 How can you make the most of your event sketches

I often refer people to the following graphic recorders/sketchnoters. Feel free to check out their portfolios and contact them directly. If you’d like an introduction, I’d be happy to connect you – e-mail me at

You can find lots of other people through Sketchnote Army and IFVP. Hope that helps!

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