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Sketchnotes: Lean Startup Day

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Update: Watch the videos / view the slides!

Sketchnotes from all the talks at Lean Startup Day 2012 (MaRSDD local content in Toronto + livestreamed talks from San Francisco!)

You can view or copy these notes from Dropbox or browse through the gallery below. Feel free to share the images under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence!

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Sketchnotes: Small Business Forum [Enterprise Toronto]

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Click on the images to see larger versions. Enjoy!

Keynote: Dani Reiss, Canada Goose

20121016 Small Business Forum - Canada Goose - Dani Reiss

E-commerce in Canada – Drew Green

20121016 Small Business Forum - ECommerce in Canada - Drew Green

The Power of Networking Tactics – Bobby Umar

20121016 Small Business Forum - The Power of Networking Tactics - Bobby Umar

Find Customers, Keep Customers – Marie Wiese

20121016 Small Business Forum - Find Customers, Keep Customers - Marie Wiese

Open Rates, Clickthroughs & Conversions – Javed Khan

20121016 Small Business Forum - Open Rates, Clickthroughs, Conversions - Javed Khan

Closing panel: Where to Find the Funs to Grow – Marissa McTasney, Erica Ehm, Roy Pereira

20121016 Small Business Forum - Where to Find the Funds to Grow

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