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Google search changes

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http://www.google.com.ph ‘s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button has changed
from “Maganda ang Kutob Ko” to “Heto na ang pinakahinahanap-hanap


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debian-installer Tagalog translation complete!

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Eric Pareja and other volunteer translators have finished the
translating level 1 of the debian-installer into Tagalog. Please check
out the completed file at http http://news.upm.edu.ph/~xenos/tl.po .
Comments and improvements would be very much appreciated.
Three more levels to go!

A glossary of terms can also be found at
http://news.upm.edu.ph/~xenos/debian-tl/kartouche .

Eric Pareja also invites interested people to participate on the
Debian Tagalog mailing list at

E-Mail from eric pareja

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Mandrake translations

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Thanks to pusakat for telling me about the Mandrake Linux Tagalog Translation Team. Amazing stuff.


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