July 2003

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Jul 31Mozilla !Uncategorized
Jul 31State of OSS in the Philippines !Uncategorized
Jul 31The Little World of Dan Camillo !Uncategorized
Jul 31Roden’s MP3 encoder !Uncategorized
Jul 30http://rinkworks.com/stupid !Uncategorized
Jul 29jica !Uncategorized
Jul 28Persons With Disability Waiting to Feel ICT’s Impact !Uncategorized
Jul 28Interesting mail stats emacs
Jul 28Swish-E and Gnus !Uncategorized
Jul 27Configuring SSH behind a proxy !Uncategorized
Jul 27The importance of mentoring !Uncategorized
Jul 23Kernel 2.6.0 notes !Uncategorized
Jul 23Mail fix !Uncategorized
Jul 21Concept mapping and the like !Uncategorized
Jul 21Edtechdev !Uncategorized
Jul 18Debian dependencies self-organizing map !Uncategorized
Jul 18Social software and the politics of groups !Uncategorized
Jul 172.6 kernel coming up! !Uncategorized
Jul 17Downside of syntax coloring? !Uncategorized
Jul 16Looks like I managed to surprise [[bbdb://Jobert][Jobert]] !Uncategorized
Jul 16InstructionalSoftwareDesign emacs
Jul 16remind.el !Uncategorized
Jul 15Cat story !Uncategorized
Jul 15Pffft !Uncategorized
Jul 14Awwwwww… =) !Uncategorized
Jul 14MyExpenses !Uncategorized
Jul 14Java to C++ !Uncategorized
Jul 14Java blog !Uncategorized
Jul 14“Head First Java” author interview !Uncategorized
Jul 14eLearning conference !Uncategorized
Jul 14Autoconf tutorial !Uncategorized
Jul 12http://www.computerbob.com !Uncategorized
Jul 12Instructional needs and learner analysis !Uncategorized
Jul 12Inventory systems !Uncategorized
Jul 10Hmmm, not so many updates this time !Uncategorized
Jul 10http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca/what.html !Uncategorized
Jul 10Cool student programs !Uncategorized
Jul 10Javascript + XUL ideas !Uncategorized
Jul 10Window manager decisions !Uncategorized
Jul 10Oooh, teaching story! !Uncategorized
Jul 10Openoffice exports to Flash !Uncategorized
Jul 10Clipart wanted for document: !Uncategorized
Jul 9Liberation Technology !Uncategorized
Jul 9Mom and Openoffice !Uncategorized
Jul 9Dijkstra’s writings! !Uncategorized
Jul 9Quickbooks and Linux !Uncategorized
Jul 9School forum !Uncategorized
Jul 9“White-Collar Sweatshops” !Uncategorized
Jul 9“Blogs in the Workplace” !Uncategorized
Jul 8Met Dean last night !Uncategorized
Jul 7More links coming in !Uncategorized
Jul 7JM Ibanez has moved! !Uncategorized
Jul 7Java and scanf !Uncategorized
Jul 7Mind mapping !Uncategorized
Jul 7ACM training !Uncategorized
Jul 7Month view improved !Uncategorized
Jul 7GeekPoetry picked up !Uncategorized
Jul 7Panel Discussion on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. !Uncategorized
Jul 7Met Dominique Cimafranca !Uncategorized
Jul 6Mind-mapping application !Uncategorized
Jul 6Game blog !Uncategorized
Jul 6Linux is an umbrella !Uncategorized
Jul 5Article on teaching !Uncategorized
Jul 4Cute resource! !Uncategorized
Jul 3constructivist techniques !Uncategorized
Jul 3Extreme Programming diary !Uncategorized
Jul 3Emacspeak creator emacs
Jul 3Classes for Submit !Uncategorized
Jul 2Questia !Uncategorized
Jul 2Note for class !Uncategorized
Jul 2“Hairy Truth About Computer Images” !Uncategorized
Jul 1Sweet code !Uncategorized