July 2003

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Jul 31Mozilla -Uncategorized
Jul 31State of OSS in the Philippines -Uncategorized
Jul 31The Little World of Dan Camillo -Uncategorized
Jul 31Roden’s MP3 encoder -Uncategorized
Jul 30http://rinkworks.com/stupid -Uncategorized
Jul 29jica -Uncategorized
Jul 28Persons With Disability Waiting to Feel ICT’s Impact -Uncategorized
Jul 28Interesting mail stats emacs
Jul 28Swish-E and Gnus -Uncategorized
Jul 27Configuring SSH behind a proxy -Uncategorized
Jul 27The importance of mentoring -Uncategorized
Jul 23Kernel 2.6.0 notes -Uncategorized
Jul 23Mail fix -Uncategorized
Jul 21Concept mapping and the like -Uncategorized
Jul 21Edtechdev -Uncategorized
Jul 18Debian dependencies self-organizing map -Uncategorized
Jul 18Social software and the politics of groups -Uncategorized
Jul 172.6 kernel coming up! -Uncategorized
Jul 17Downside of syntax coloring? -Uncategorized
Jul 16Looks like I managed to surprise [[bbdb://Jobert][Jobert]] -Uncategorized
Jul 16InstructionalSoftwareDesign emacs
Jul 16remind.el -Uncategorized
Jul 15Cat story -Uncategorized
Jul 15Pffft -Uncategorized
Jul 14Awwwwww… =) -Uncategorized
Jul 14MyExpenses -Uncategorized
Jul 14Java to C++ -Uncategorized
Jul 14Java blog -Uncategorized
Jul 14“Head First Java” author interview -Uncategorized
Jul 14eLearning conference -Uncategorized
Jul 14Autoconf tutorial -Uncategorized
Jul 12http://www.computerbob.com -Uncategorized
Jul 12Instructional needs and learner analysis -Uncategorized
Jul 12Inventory systems -Uncategorized
Jul 10Hmmm, not so many updates this time -Uncategorized
Jul 10http://whisper.surrey.sfu.ca/what.html -Uncategorized
Jul 10Cool student programs -Uncategorized
Jul 10Javascript + XUL ideas -Uncategorized
Jul 10Window manager decisions -Uncategorized
Jul 10Oooh, teaching story! -Uncategorized
Jul 10Openoffice exports to Flash -Uncategorized
Jul 10Clipart wanted for document: -Uncategorized
Jul 9Liberation Technology -Uncategorized
Jul 9Mom and Openoffice -Uncategorized
Jul 9Dijkstra’s writings! -Uncategorized
Jul 9Quickbooks and Linux -Uncategorized
Jul 9School forum -Uncategorized
Jul 9“White-Collar Sweatshops” -Uncategorized
Jul 9“Blogs in the Workplace” -Uncategorized
Jul 8Met Dean last night -Uncategorized
Jul 7More links coming in -Uncategorized
Jul 7JM Ibanez has moved! -Uncategorized
Jul 7Java and scanf -Uncategorized
Jul 7Mind mapping -Uncategorized
Jul 7ACM training -Uncategorized
Jul 7Month view improved -Uncategorized
Jul 7GeekPoetry picked up -Uncategorized
Jul 7Panel Discussion on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques. -Uncategorized
Jul 7Met Dominique Cimafranca -Uncategorized
Jul 6Mind-mapping application -Uncategorized
Jul 6Game blog -Uncategorized
Jul 6Linux is an umbrella -Uncategorized
Jul 5Article on teaching -Uncategorized
Jul 4Cute resource! -Uncategorized
Jul 3constructivist techniques -Uncategorized
Jul 3Extreme Programming diary -Uncategorized
Jul 3Emacspeak creator emacs
Jul 3Classes for Submit -Uncategorized
Jul 2Questia -Uncategorized
Jul 2Note for class -Uncategorized
Jul 2“Hairy Truth About Computer Images” -Uncategorized
Jul 1Sweet code -Uncategorized