July 2003

Sweet code

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“Hairy Truth About Computer Images”

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill professor Ming C.
Lin’s research has helped advance computer graphics technology
and facilitate more lifelike computer-generated images that
appear in animated films, computer games, and other media. One …

Note for class

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I should ask them to summarize their notes as tutorials for other people


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http://www.questia.com, “The World’s Largest Online Library” I really
want a subscription to this. It’s USD 119.95 per year, so (* 54
119.95), so PHP 6477.95, so I think it’s very much worth it.

Classes for Submit

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CS110 A, CS110 B, AMC21 A

Emacspeak creator

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Extreme Programming diary

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constructivist techniques

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I think I want to do the anonymous feedback thing. So little of their time, so much info for me… =)
Plus, Spinnaker Software

Cute resource!

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is there any reason why I like getting notebooks?

why do I do that and no one else does?

i am interested in their progress.

i want to know what they think.

i want to know what they think is important.

i want to get them used to sharing what they know with others.

Article on teaching

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Linux is an umbrella

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I’ve compared Linux to hot chocolate before (see below for anecdote).
Apparently, I’m not the only one geek who sees computer stuff in
everyday things –
compares Linux to an umbrella.

Linux is like hot chocolate:

Windows is like iced chocolate. Easy to drink, but gives you brain
freeze. Linux is like hot chocolate. You have to drink it a little at
a time, but it gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

Game blog

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Mind-mapping application

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Met Dominique Cimafranca

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Had a really fun conversation with Dominique Cimafranca over hot
chocolate last Saturday. =) Nice guy.

Panel Discussion on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.

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Ateneo IT Forum

When: 11 July 2003. 4:30 – 6:00 PM

Where: Convergent Technologies Center, Ateneo de Manila University

Pass by! =)

GeekPoetry picked up

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Apparently, Martin Gomez forwarded my GeekPoetry to
http://www.livejournal.com/~fullview before… =)

Month view improved

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Now includes link to previous and next months. Thanks to JM Ibanez for prodding me. =)

ACM training

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Mind mapping

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http://freemind.sourceforge.net is excellent! =) I used it in class earlier.

Warning: CVS tree is actually waaay older than released source.

Java and scanf

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Look! java.util.StreamTokenizer! I may never have to scanf again… ;)

JM Ibanez has moved!

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He has a JSP wiki (his own code) and a few other things…

More links coming in

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James Luckett (http://consumptive.org/weblog/blog.html) linked to
OnLove in his 2003.06.18 entry.

Met Dean last night

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Had a lot of fun chatting with Dean Michael Berris last night – ACM
problems, training, PLUG and Linux.

(All you PLUG guys can stop teasing. No one’s going after me, and
that’s the way I like it. ;b)

“Blogs in the Workplace”

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There is growing interest among businesses, educational
institutions, and government agencies to use Web logs (blogs)
rather than email for internal communications. Community Connect
director of operations Nicholas Tang uses blogs to coordinate …

“White-Collar Sweatshops”

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Laid-off U.S. high-tech workers are disheartened by employers
bringing in foreign workers on H-1B visas and outsourcing IT
operations to overseas labor; not only are more critical
white-collar positions such as programming and software …

School forum

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Notes on the minutes

– Dr. Beni: JGSOM
– Dr. Intal
– page 3: Dr. Rodrigo 4th line, “paint jobs”, not “pained jobs”
– page 6: 5.6 – Lani Santos should be Gng. Corazon Lalu Santos

  1. 3, last 2 lines: faculty association; not sure if he had said that.

    Not sure if quoted directly.

  2. 4 samahan as union; samahan should be association. Reyes
    – page 9

approval of the minutes: 4:50 pm
Fr. Roche, Babian …?

Curriculum Revisions (MA and PhD psychology): 10 minutes
Dr. Montial

Changing the graduate programs in psychology
– adding a nonthesis track for all the four MA programs
– PhD: changing the social psychology track to social organization

Spirit: want to make the MA level really strongly applied for
professionals who are working and applying knowledge out in the field,
and PhD more for those who want careers in the academe or in research.
Stronger scholarly aspect.

Overview of the changes
Powerpoint slide. Thesis track, non-thesis track.
Developmental psychology
Applied social psychology

Non-theses: Master of Psychology instead of Master of Arts in Psychology

Developmental psychology track reason: focus on child psychology
before, but now more on human development across all stages in life,
including old age. (Don’t worry, you’ll be included here.)

Social and Community Psychology: focus of social psych around 20 to 25
years ago. Now applied social psychology track, will tend to cover
issues tackled by social scientists – peace, environment, women…

PhD in Social Psychology to PhD in Social-Organizational Psychology:
industrial psychology niche

Admission: additions. More industrial experience needed in non-thesis.
Coursework: classroom courses are the same. Main difference –
culminating project. Developmental psychology tracks.

Nature of the non-thesis substitute (culminating project)

Purpose: apply knowledge and do projects that will be useful for
current and future practitioners in their areas of concentration.


Course changes that will accompany the proposed changes in the programs

Ateneo College Education Survey



– Detdet, psych: ask the research team for recommendations for further

follow-up research? Placement: We wanted to give the same
questionnaire to the next batch of graduates, and also follow-up
studies by school. Detdet: Would be nice to hear what the students
have to say – individual interviews, focus groups…

– Ricky: Spurious correlations? The difference between schools might

be a function of gender. (Placement: we could do that as a followup)

– The history guy: alumni?

– SOSE can enlighten us about the patterns that appeared this

afternoon? Placement: Dr. Dayrit?

Basic Courses for Freshman Year

Quickbooks and Linux

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This might work, considering my mom doesn’t really have to print…

Dijkstra’s writings!

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Mom and Openoffice

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My mom’s giving Openoffice a shot. Yay! =) (Actually, I’m learning much along the way…)

Liberation Technology

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Clipart wanted for document:

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(for Use Cases)

stacks of paper
person sleeping

Openoffice exports to Flash

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Nifty! OpenOffice presentations can be exported to Flash. =)

Hmm. WebCast?

Oooh, teaching story!

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My students are brilliant _and_ having fun! =)

I’ve gotten e-mail from students along the lines of “I was thinking in
the shower when…” – they’re thinking about CS outside the classroom,
and they’ve come up with pretty creative ways to do things. Martin
Gomez told me that he was having lunch near their block and he heard
them talking about CS – over lunch! Wow! They were talking about
arrays, poring over source code, animatedly swapping ideas… Some are
even asking how to make programs that make other programs – cool! I
think I can introduce files early as an extra topic. Note to self:
write tutorials over weekend.

Gosh, they’re more advanced than I was when I was in first year, and
enthusiasm’s contagious. =) I’ll do my best to help them reach their
potential while still making sure they don’t overlook any of the
basics. I plan to give them self-review assignments and tests. Yatta!

Window manager decisions

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I will stay in ion and use Xnest for apps that have weird dialog boxes, like Openoffice.

Javascript + XUL ideas

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I tend to download a lot of links; it would be nice to have a list of
downloadable links and select the files to get… Maybe one of the
extensions already out there?

Cool student programs

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I’ll be highlighting some cool programs in my journal. =)
I’ll write up the ones that are in my mindmap (XML, viewable with http://freemind.sourceforge.net), but here’s one for today:

MathPractice.java, by Jaime
Thanks to Jaze Ebreo and Keny Saavedra
Arithmetric drill program with randomized questions; neato! =)

More programs to come soon!


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“Wearable body architectures” – seems to be a performance-art/tele-biofeedback
thing? Link from Jonathan Hatol.

Hmmm, not so many updates this time

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I should come up with a matrix to show the students that I’m keeping
track of where they are and what knowledge they’ve demonstrated, both
as an individual and as a group. =) Actually, I should allow them to
fill it in as well…

Inventory systems

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http://inventory.sourceforge.net/ catalog and track

all of the hardware (computer level, its sub components, perferials,
and software installed (including multiple OS per each computer) on
it, and the licenses associated with each software component.)

– Alist (http://www.brains2bytes.com/alist/)

Alist is a program that collects hardware and software
information about systems and stores it in a database for
users to browse and search via a Web interface. The program
consists of three parts: a client portion that collects the
information, a daemon

– PHP Inventory Manager


– Open Computers Software Inventory


– PHPMyInventory


– PHPInventory


Instructional needs and learner analysis

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My ideas for my CAI project:

– telecollaboration
– individual and group work
– group work: should describe the contributions of each person
– assign students to review two or three programs
– see all the people who have acknowledged your help
– monitor student activity
– peer pressure =)

On Monday, I’ll give a short questionnaire to the students who did not
do well on last Friday’s exam. I want to find out what they’re having
problems with and what kind of help they want.

Needs analysis due next Saturday


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Making Geek-Speak Chic

Waaaaay cool. I want to be like him.z

Autoconf tutorial

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eLearning conference

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2. Designing eLearning Courses for Higher Education
Patricia B Arinto

Number of participants: 30 people

In this one-day workshop, participants will mine the Web for
teaching and learning resources suitable for the courses they
teach, and design online learning activities that take advantage of
the Internet as an educational tool. A special focus of the workshop
is designing WebQuests. Participants will go through the
instructional design process in order to come up with creative
online learning activities that foster critical thinking and collaborative
learning. The workshop is open to college and university teachers
who are thinking of including online components in a face-to-face
course or transforming a course for full online delivery. Participants
are expected to have basic knowledge in the use of computers and
the Internet.


“Head First Java” author interview

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Java blog

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Java to C++

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Awwwwww… =)

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Richi put a cute little easter egg on my site. Warm and fuzzy feeling.


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Naturally, I forget that I saved the files in /tmp, which means they
vanish after a reboot… I’ll just have to give feedback on Friday.

Cat story

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My mom dropped by school today. =) As I got into the car, I mentioned
that there was a cat underneath the car. My mom asked me if I could do
anything about it so that we wouldn’t run over the cat. I nonchalantly
opened my envelope, took out a packet of cat food, and quipped, “Girl


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Remind.el’s bracketed text thing should work now.


July 16, 2003 - Categories: emacs

I’ll start keeping really nice planner notes for ISD (CS215).

Looks like I managed to surprise [[bbdb://Jobert][Jobert]]

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I used to hang out with their barkada – playing card games, RPGs, that
sort of thing.

In the tradition of blogging, I will proceed to tell a parallel story.
Friday, right? I was off to Eyrie to meet
Dean Michael Berris for dinner. Eric
accompanied me, although I walked a bit ahead. On our way there, Cyril
Tubianosa recognized Eric and asked him where I was. I went back a few
steps, waved hi to Cyril, and found out that Jobert and the others
were in the area for a game. I hadn’t seen them in a while, so we
headed back to Faura and met Jobert and the others. Much standing
around, saying hi, yeah, uh huh – you know me and small talk. After a
few minutes, Eric and I excused ourselves and went to Eyrie to meet
Dean. =)

Jobert’s a pretty okay guy. Not much intersect – maybe RPGs? I wonder if
I should look into (probably someone else’s) PBEM games.

(Nice thing about blogs; I can catch up on people’s lives quickly.)

Looks like I managed to surprise a non-geek, after all. Most people
like my new haircut. I think that Eugene and Bong (well, I
want my students to call me by my first name, so I’m going to have to
learn to do that _sometime_) are of the opinion that I should grow my
hair longer, but this current ‘do is zero-maintenance.

Downside of syntax coloring?

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2.6 kernel coming up!

July 17, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Social software and the politics of groups

July 18, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Debian dependencies self-organizing map

July 18, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized


Long live Kohonen self-organizing maps!


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Concept mapping and the like

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Mail fix

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Okay, hmm.

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to properly route my mail. I
have two main mail accounts – my free.net.ph address and my ateneo.edu
address. At home, I can send mail from any account I want, but I have
to use the web interface (IMP) to check my ateneo.edu account for
messages (no POP/IMAP in! pfft). In school, I can poll both accounts,
but I can only send mail from my ateneo.edu account.

I’ve more or less decided to:

– Set my from: and reply-to: to my [email protected] address.

– Subscribe my [email protected] address to all the mailing lists, but

set my delivery options to nomail.

– Yahoogroups should handle it appropriately.

– Pro: Personal replies tend to get past the mailing list stuff.

– Con: I need to be able to inform everyone when I no longer have an

ateneo.edu account.

Probable solution:

– Use [email protected] in my .signature, so that people who run

across my messages will still be able to reach me.

Sounds like a plan!

Kernel 2.6.0 notes

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Don’t forget:

– make a /sys folder, enter this in fstab:

sysfs      /sys      sysfs   defaults       0       0

– apt-get install module-init-tools

The importance of mentoring

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Configuring SSH behind a proxy

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Swish-E and Gnus

July 28, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

swish-e -i . -N ~/Mail/index.swish -f ~/Mail/index.incremental -e -v 2
swish-e -M index.swish index.incremental index.tmp
mv index.tmp index.swish

Interesting mail stats

July 28, 2003 - Categories: emacs

I ran gnus-stat.el on my mail.misc mailbox and these stats came up:
(my name appears because I gcc myself)

Total number of posts: 3421
Average bytes/post: 9682.003508
Total number of posters: 546
Average posts/poster: 6.265568

1100 Sacha Chua

113 Richi Plana 85 Apache 80 Eric Vidal 58 Luis F. G. Sarmenta, Ph.D. 53 [email protected] 52 Thomas Gehrlein 49 Harvey Chua 41 mario carreon 38 Dominique Cimafranca 35 -marc- 34 Martin Gomez 31 Aadisht Khanna 26 Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo 25 Marc Fabie 24 Rogelio M. Serrano Jr. 23 Seiryu Seikun 21 [email protected] 21 Dean Michael Berris 19 Ronald Abigan

Total number of subjects: 1578 Average posts/subject: 2.167934

74 53 none 35 sachawiki: Welcome Page 23 twiddler 23 hi 19 proposal for information exchange 17 Hi! 15 greetings from the outside world 14 Reply on the display power supply plus class site and parallel interfacing lecture 14 planner.el 14 sachawiki: On Love 13 just want to say hi 13 Topic Reply Notification - On helping: what is too much help? 13 CS 123 and CS 231 13 sachawiki: 2003.06.04 13 CS123 client interview on Tuesday 12 [SFiles] 20021227: The One with the Assignment 12 hello 12 Topic Reply Notification - On Open vs Proprietary Formats 12 planner.el bugfix and minor changes


Persons With Disability Waiting to Feel ICT’s Impact

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By Nina Somera
Posted 18 June 2003

While most segments of the Philippine society has already felt the
benefits brought by the advances in information and communications
technology (ICT), a neglected sector — persons with disability
(PWD) — has yet to experience its favorable effect.

For the full story, visit


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project-type cooperation
grant aid

donor company will send the experts from universities and private industries technology traansfer, equipment
technical cooperation project
training center in upd
implementation agency is diliman,
results should be diffused to other universities and private it industries including japanese affiliated companies in the philippines
not how to make an effective
how to make an effective project under the jica scheme

training for graduates to general it skill

receive university graduates
training after one year after exam, core and specialist – 12 months (6/6)
not another degree program, but non-degree certification. practical business
one year internship at company

upd has no alumni records

still in design phase
6 or7 months, project will start
in february or march, the technical cooperation with the assistance of japan will commence
one year, make good curricula, subjects, course instruction methods for more practical training
jitse standard curricula
mr. kato is the jitse member
much more practical and broad
jitse standard as much as possible
professors who are accomodating for this kind of different knowhow
concentrate on trainors training
they might go to japan for training
second year, may start a small scale of classes; two classes, twenty five trainees each, two classes in 2005 and then expand to maybe 100 trainees in 2006
grant aid scheme
build a building, provide more equipment, maybe scale up to 200 or 300 or 400 in 2007, not sure yet
whole scneario

basically, aiming to develop people for embedded systems, application development, network
three areas that are high priority from our understanding
microelectronincs, but not sure this could be feasible in this country.
computer aided design
might extend variety to those fields

part time courses saturday, evening for it engineers currently working
special seminars in selected topics – 1 or 2 day seminars in hot issues in IT fields
basic idea

bwhat we are thinking
more cooperative approach among the industries

basic assumption
major instructions for this instructior will be coming from UP, but they should invide faculty of other universities and graduates frim other universities

what do you think

maybe the ateneo join as instructor, or join in courses
expectations from student size and faculty side
lots of different customers

31,000 IT graduates a year

master degree program, at least a master degree holder

another concern: class size 50 or 100 every year, by utilizing existing faculty staff, but when we havea big size, recruit IT instructor, or get help from other faculty members

tokyo institute of technology

asti soft launch of java courses

– part time instructor trained by japanese specialists
– advisory board? mr. rodriguez of up who is the vice president of the whole up, probably some from Ateneo, a team of candidates for future instructors
1000 – 1500 per hour as a lecturer

parent copany, japanese, it design


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Tech support horror stories

Roden’s MP3 encoder

July 31, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Roden has designed an MP3 encoder – given a text file, it will convert it into an MP3 or WAV file. Cool!

The Little World of Dan Camillo

July 31, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Dominique Cimafranca said:

Memory is a very funny thing: all of a sudden it occurred to me to look up
some web references to a series of books I had read a long long time ago.
I don’t even remember what I was doing or thinking about.

Anyway, the series is called “The Little World of Dan Camillo.” It’s
about a priest in a little country village in post-World War II Italy and
his skirmishes with sometimes-friend sometimes-enemy Peppone, the leader
of the local Communist cell. It’s rollicking good fun.

Lo and behold! The complete stories are available on the web! Check out
http://members.tripod.com/~vajrang/littleworld/stories.html. If you can
get past the pop-up ads, you’ll find little unknown gems of stories.

Pop-up ads? What pop-up ads? I love my browser. =) Emacs/w3m is cool.

State of OSS in the Philippines

July 31, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

This paper provides an overview of the state of adoption of Open
Source software in the Philippines as well as the policy initiatives
and challenges that it faces. Perspectives from the public sector,
the academic sector, as well as the private sector are presented.


July 31, 2003 - Categories: -Uncategorized

Pfft. I want all extensions to be installable by normal users.
I also wish that Mozilla paid attention to http_proxy and ftp_proxy…