Message from the Sponsors: Antonio TJ Javier — “Partnering with Government to Realize Potential”

- Objective: Perspective of what we're supposed to be deing here.

- Mission: Enable people and businesses threghout the world to realize their potential.

- Our objective: To enable the Phil to become a globally competitive economy.

- Open source, commercial open source, commercial software

- Joint session for pros and cons of each.

- What you should expect today: technicial description, best fit,

existing system, interoperability

All about choice

- Software choices should be based on merits and value of technology - Software is highly evolving - Government should promote healthy competition and innovation

Commercial software

- Innovation - Good for industry, contributes to economy. USD 1 to Microsoft, 7-8 USD goes to solution developers - Simple & low-cost, consumer-like product - Customer support, responsiveness

- Commitment: education, innovation, local community

- Important part: Commitment to vibrant economy

- Use respective technologies