Message from the Sponsors: Cynthia Mamon

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– Historic event: partnering with Microsoft to help develop the

Philippines to be a globally competitive country.

– Brief background. Doing it for CIOForum because they realize the

value and the critical function of the CIO Forum. Very critical
component in the ICT industry. The most prestigious IT leaders in

– Announce much awaited partnership between the two companies not only

to promote our business objectives but also to promote the country’s
ICT development. Leverage both to benefit country first, users
second, then business will follow.

– President announced job creation as a major objectives. Promoting

certification. Promoting use of technologies in government and
business. Promoting training and certification, build manpower
skills, workforce. Local products. Sun: Java competency centers.
Signed up for the national ICT certification program, to be launched
in September with Oracle and other partners. Provide generous
discounts for Filipino ICT professionals. Limiting factor is cost?
Officially launched in September, so encourage users to take
advantage of generous discounts for certifications. Code of Ethics.
We’d like to ensure that there is proper use and effective
utilization of ICT funds. Not just trust and confidence in
egovernment projects, but the country as well. We need to police


– We are not able to provide jobs for the Filipino ICT graduates

because they are not really focused on what is in demand out there.

– …

– We must push computer literacy. This is something we have to push

as soon as possible.

– English proficiency program, also. Low marks in passing

certification exam due to comprehension problems. Nationalism is
pushing Filipinos to be globally competitive.

– Key message: We are Filipinos first before we represent our


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