Today: making the pitch

This morning, I attended a PESO seminar on entrepreneurship. This morning's seminar was about making a good pitch to investors. The speakers were fantastic, and

Maoi Arroyo was initially worried that people would be too afraid of public speaking to volunteer for the pitch contest, but there were plenty of people willing to give it a shot. I won second place with a pitch about "Get Mad", my anger management business idea. A number of people approached me after the seminar to tell me I made a good pitch and the idea's really interesting. =)

Still, that's not the only kind of pitch I need to be able to make. know I can sell _ideas._ I want to learn how to recognize good opportunities and figure out what I need to take advantage of them; that way, I can help other people create and match opportunities.

Joey Gurango had an excellent point. If I'm going to pitch to venture capitalists, I need to be able to think from the investor's point of view. I need to be able to tell people how much I need and why I need it, what kind of profit people can look forward to, what their exit strategy is...

Mmm. More things to learn.

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