Tango party and stuff

I visited the hospital again. Lasagna is apparently not a good idea as it gets cold pretty quickly, and it depends on appetite. I'll bring cookies next time. Cookies are always good, and they keep well. But they've transferred him to another place quite far away... =(

Last night was the tango party. Tons of fun! =)

Random Japanese sentence: 「ああ、よかった!」と、おじいさんは、よろこ んでいいました。「さぁこれで、この中から、一番きれいなねこを選んでつれ て帰ればいいんだ」 "Oh" cried the old man joyfully, "Now I can choose the prettiest cat and take it home with me!" [Aa, yokatta!] to, ojiisan wa, yorokonde iimashita. [saa kore de, kono naka kara, ichiban kirei na neko o erande tsurete kaereba ii n da]