Batik and ethnic clothes

Wearing a batik malong

I love wearing ethnic clothes. Traditional outfits are hip enough to pass off as casual but dignified enough to go formal, possible with a little creative re-pinning. I love wearing batik-dyed or embroidered malongs, the simple tubular skirts that can be turned into dresses and sashes and sleeping bags depending on need. I love wearing my butterfly-sleeved terno and wish I had one that looked less formal. The gold-threaded cream blouse makes it too dressy, but I wear it anyway!

Of all the costumes I wear—from hacked computer T-shirts to flowing skirts to jeans and a tee—I like the traditional ones the most.

Thanks, Mom, for sending me two more malongs and a few black tops! Thanks to Pavel and Emily for bringing them from the Philippines! I want more outfits...

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