Oh no! Version dependencies…

2I really want to share my code for reviewing Org timeclock entries for each date. However, it depends on functionality that’s only in the development version of Org. Do I tell people to change to that version? Do I try to make it work with the standard version that comes with Emacs? And the development version of Org comes with all sorts of nice goodies, too…

Okay, I figured out what to do. I’m going to include it, but I’ll use a distinctive background to show people that this is only available with a newer version of Org. That way, the bleeding edge geeks can still do all sorts of cool stuff.

  • Rodrigo Wanderley

    Its great that you will include it. It would be nice if you could put
    a session telling how to setup the development version of org.

    I fill motivated to try it out, already added it to my org file :-)

    Also, what is on development today maybe on the stable branch when
    the book gets published. :-)