Changed to excerpts on the main page – What do you think?

Following the advice in Debbie Weil’s “The Corporate Blogging Book”, I’ve changed the main page of my blog to show excerpts instead of full posts. That way, you won’t get intimidated by huge blocks of text. What do you think about it? Good idea? Bad idea? Should I go back to full posts?

The Corporate Blogging Book: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know to Get It Right
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  • Hey Sacha, since you’re so prolific with the written word AND tagging, might I suggest you consider doing something with your categories on your blog’s homepage? Since you seem to be using WordPress’ categories as tags (nothing wrong with that), you’re essentially creating a 20-page high homepage.

    Then again, maybe blog popularity has nothing to do with this type of advice… I guess the full vs partial argument on your homepage also depends on your site’s goals.

    Frankly, so long as you leave full posts in your RSS feed, most people won’t care much :)

  • ozzy

    i prefer the full post of text. why would i want to page
    around to see the whole thing? also, it loses context
    when i have to switch from the high lights to the full

  • Showing excerpts is nice when the post is loooooooong.

  • I’ve done selective excerpts before when I know I’m going to babble on about something for a long time.

    I agree about the rss feeds though, I think as long as there are full posts in the rss some people might not have a preference.

  • J. David Boyd

    I prefer to see the full post, please! My web browser scrolls down very nicely, and I prefer that to clicking on a link to seeing ‘the rest of the story’.

  • I much prefer full posts, Sacha, for all but the longest posts!

  • Wish, command, right. =) Back to full posts.

    I’ll look into allowing people to customize their view of my webpage, which is really what should be possible anyway.

    About the tags – what would be a nice way to deal with that? Dispense with the tag display altogether? Show random categories, just for kicks? I’d make it collapsible if I knew how. =) I’ll spend some time thinking about that…