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You might have noticed that I haven’t written much about Emacs lately. I confess: I’d been distracted by the dark side of the Force. I’m not referring to Lego Star Wars for the DS, but to using Windows Live Writer to post entries to my WordPress blog. Writing about blogging on Planner was awkward when I wasn’t blogging on Planner.

I have to confess: I like Windows Live Writer. I like easily uploading images to my blog. I like previewing my blog posts. I like integrating with my RSS reader so that it automatically picks up an excerpt and a link back to the original site. (It’s a little like a limited Remember.)

But I miss Emacs. I miss referring to people in the course of my blog post and using a keyboard shortcut to the hyperlink to their blog, website, or whatever else was in their contact record. I miss the freedom to change all the keyboard shortcuts and define my own markup. I miss using Emacs. I got distracted by a shiny new hammer but I can’t stop thinking of a Swiss Army chainsaw.

Now that I’ve tried these "modern blogging clients", I know more of what I want to say when it comes to Emacs and blogging. What I want to show here is that as archaic as the interface looks, it’s still got this amazing power that I just can’t find anywhere else. I want to show people the benefits of integrating blogging with all the rest of your life: your contact list, your todo- list, your e-mail, whatever else you have.

First I need to set up Emacs, Planner, and my blog on the computer downstairs…

I’m still using Windows Live Writer to post this, but soon I’ll be back!

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