Inching away, 1000 words at a time

The article on Org still doesn’t quite fit together yet, but I’m writing. 1000 words at a time, 1.5 hours a day, slowly but surely putting it together… =)

  • Hello
    Just wanted to tell you that your postings on Emacs are fantastic. They have convinced me in using Emacs and org mode to try to get some kind of order into my project planning. I have eyed GTD from afar for some time now and finally caved in and bought the book. Emacs actually seems the best way to implement such a system and I have already started to get stuff into my .emacs file and started my Inbox in org mode. I will blog about the whole experience in my blog
    I am looking forward to your book, I will sure buy it when it is published.
    I like your malongs by the way. I have now put the Philippines on my list of places, where I have to go textile hunting.

    • Thank you very much! =)

      Org’s a powerful tool for GTD, and you’ll love its customizability as you get the hang of Emacs. Looking forward to reading your adventures!

      Malongs are done with the batik method. I love looking for different ways to wear them. I’m looking forward to warmer weather so that I can wear mine again. (How did you come across my blog? It’s not often you find someone who’s interested in Emacs and textiles…)

  • Stay away from that DS and finish those articles!

    • If someone could just port Emacs to the DS, I could do… umm… research! That’s it! Research!