Testing from Emacs

I’m using weblogger.el and xml-rpc.el to post directly to my WordPress.

I wonder how well it works…

Sorry about the RSS thrashing! <sheepish grin> It took a while for the idea of a test blog to occur to me. So sorry. =)

In conclusion: Emacs posting to external weblogs – not quite there yet. Weblogger.el is somewhat okay, g-client and atom-api didn’t work at all on my system. Waah. Quite frustrating.

  • bob

    Well, apparently ;)

  • the blog feeds shows a lot of emty entries ;-)

  • Awesome!
    Once I’m awake I’ll set this up.

  • Raymond Zeitler

    Just curious if you plan on evaluating & writing about a Planner to Blosxom blogging method?

  • Erik

    Travis Vachon at the OSAF has a modified version of atom-api which should work with the wordpress atom api. You can read about it here and get it via git.

  • kedmond

    Hey, I’m trying to get weblogger.el to work. I start up emacs just fine, and then run the M-x weblogger-start-entry command.

    Then it contacts the server, and queries me for “weblog: “. I’m not sure what to enter, so I just hit “enter”. If I do enter anything, it says there’s “no match”. Anyways, it fails and there’s an XML-RPC fault, and it says that I’m not allowed to publish posts to that blog.

    My blog address is of the form: http://username.wordpress.com/ so I thought my xml server would be at http://username.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php

    When I ran M-x weblogger-setup-weblog it also queried with “weblog: ” and I just hit enter since it wouldn’t accept anything that I typed. Do you have any advice? Thanks.