Morning Pages

  • Kathryn Everest has the most vivid figures of speech I know. Yesterday, she described social media adoption as “You can hear the rickets of the rollercoaster.” Beautiful.
  • I woke up at 3:30 today. Did 53 jumping jacks, 23 semi-pushups, 23 crunches, 8 dips, and 34 leg raises – all one up from yesterday. I keep having to rest during the leg raises, maybe because they’re at the end of the exercise and I’m tired. Or at least my muscles want a break – the rest of me is up and raring to write.
  • I finally ordered personalized business cards yesterday. They won’t make it in time for my first two conferences, but they’ll be pretty handy during the rest of the conferences. I like using business cards and index cards as handouts during presentations, so I still want a color inkjet printer so that I can make my short-run cards. Shipping would get pretty expensive if I keep ordering custom business cards for each presentation. The Canon Pixma ip3000 looks ideal, but FutureShop only stocks the ip4500. Wish it did duplex index cards, though. Is any printer actually capable of doing so? Please tell me before I head to FutureShop tomorrow. =)
  • Those high-protein breakfasts we had in the Philippines might be a good idea after all. Oatmeal at 5 in the morning vanishes by 9. I finished both the carrot sticks and the peanut butter cookies way before lunch. Today I’ll try cooking garlic rice and longganisa, of which many varieties are available at the T&T Supermarket. Yay!
  • I’m thinking of setting aside some money every month for shared experiences – you know, go out and do something with people. Pottery lessons? A photography walk? A weekend getaway? Fortunately, there are now all sorts of experience sellers: Xperience Days, Virgin Experience Days, Cloud 9 Living… There’s also Perfect Day Gifts here in Toronto. Hmm…
  • gary

    it is a good idea to eat some protein with oatmeal and other carbs. protein slows the absorption of sugar from the carbs and spreads it out over a longer time frame. in other words, protein
    moderates the increase in your blood sugar level and keeps it in
    the moderate range rather than spiking too high, too quickly. also, carbs with fiber also makes for a better absorption rate. keeping a moderate blood sugar level will also be easier on your

  • gary

    you may want to add rebounding to your exercise routine. now i am using an expensive rebounder; though i am going to order this one,
    rebounding has powerful exercise and health benefits.

    • I’m not quite sold on expensive home equipment. =) I figure that I’m not making the most of free exercise options just yet, so I should focus on maximizing those first! =) I’m glad that works for you, though. (bouncybouncybouncybouncy…)

  • Hi Sacha:

    Gary is absolutely right. Research “Glycemic Index” for more info on how certain carbs (Jasmine rice, for example) convert quickly to glucose in the bloodstream (bad), while others (raw carrots) convert slowly. Adding protein slows the conversion. You could sprinkle walnuts, almonds or sunflower seeds — if you tolerate tree nuts and seeds — on the oatmeal. Some folks even have supper for breakfast!

    I adopted the Blood Type diet in April. The idea is that certain foods are toxins, others have medicinal properties and a lot are neutral. Moreover, the foods that are toxins for one blood type are not necessarily toxins for another blood type. Similarly for medicinal foods.

    The best thing I did was give up wheat. I went from eating a sandwich for lunch and feeling comatose for a few hours in the afternoon, to eating Caesar salad with beef for lunch and staying alert and productive for the rest of the day. Also, I’m no longer allergic to cats. It helped that I gave up dairy.

    Eventually I will blog about this. I’ve been meaning to for weeks.

    It’s great that you’re exercising, too.

    • Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. I should look into adding nuts. =) Thanks for the suggestions!

  • Hi Sacha, I used to read your blog. Don’t remember when the last time I was here. Kinda forgot about it until I saw it as a recommended item in my Google Reader.

    First, It’s quite interesting that you have ‘morning pages’. Is this in reference to the book – The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron? It’s a great book. Gave two away as gifts to some artists/writers I know.

    Second, It’s funny how you are doing exercises and adding one every day (?). I actually started exercises like that over a month ago. I’ve been doing crunches and pushups. Started with 10 crunches and 5 pushups and added one of each ever day. So far, it’s been very good for me.

    Third, have you seen or read “The Secret”? It’s an interesting (although a bit commercialized and overmarketed) book and DVD on the power of the “Law of Attraction”. You might like it. I just thought I’d mention it when I read about your bit on “shared experiences.”

    Well, I have subscribed to you on Google reader now. Keep posting and enjoy your day!

    • Hello, Jozzua!

      Welcome back! Yes, the morning pages came from The Artist’s Way. Can’t wait to get back to writing them. =) Everyone should read the Artist’s Way, I think – we’ve all got artists inside…

      Yes, I’ve been trying to add one exercise every day.=) It’s a great way to start slow and keep stretching.

      As for The Secret – a friend insisted that I watch it. I have to confess, it gave me the heebie-jeebies, and not in a good way. I blogged about The Secret shortly after watching it, and over time, I’ve realized that the main things that unsettled me were that it was too New-Age-overproduced-ish and it seemed very self-centered. I’m glad that it works for many people. It has messages that they need to hear. Personally, it doesn’t quite fit the way I live. =) Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

      Thanks for writing!

  • Hey Sacha.

    Yes, I noticed that some people didn’t like ‘The Secret’ as well. There is an article on Wikipedia about “Magical Thinking” that’s very related to the “Law of Attraction.” I wrote about it on my blog. I think the wikipedia article makes more sense.