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  • Kathryn Everest has the most vivid figures of speech I know. Yesterday, she described social media adoption as “You can hear the rickets of the rollercoaster.” Beautiful.
  • I woke up at 3:30 today. Did 53 jumping jacks, 23 semi-pushups, 23 crunches, 8 dips, and 34 leg raises – all one up from yesterday. I keep having to rest during the leg raises, maybe because they’re at the end of the exercise and I’m tired. Or at least my muscles want a break – the rest of me is up and raring to write.
  • I finally ordered personalized business cards yesterday. They won’t make it in time for my first two conferences, but they’ll be pretty handy during the rest of the conferences. I like using business cards and index cards as handouts during presentations, so I still want a color inkjet printer so that I can make my short-run cards. Shipping would get pretty expensive if I keep ordering custom business cards for each presentation. The Canon Pixma ip3000 looks ideal, but FutureShop only stocks the ip4500. Wish it did duplex index cards, though. Is any printer actually capable of doing so? Please tell me before I head to FutureShop tomorrow. =)
  • Those high-protein breakfasts we had in the Philippines might be a good idea after all. Oatmeal at 5 in the morning vanishes by 9. I finished both the carrot sticks and the peanut butter cookies way before lunch. Today I’ll try cooking garlic rice and longganisa, of which many varieties are available at the T&T Supermarket. Yay!
  • I’m thinking of setting aside some money every month for shared experiences – you know, go out and do something with people. Pottery lessons? A photography walk? A weekend getaway? Fortunately, there are now all sorts of experience sellers: Xperience Days, Virgin Experience Days, Cloud 9 Living… There’s also Perfect Day Gifts here in Toronto. Hmm…
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