Three tips for long flights

Flying to the other side of the world means almost a full day in transit. Here are three tips to help you get through your next long flight:

  • Drink plenty of water. It’s easy to forget to drink water on a plane. I usually ask the flight attendants for two glasses of water. This has the side effect of also making you stand up and exercise once in a while, which is good for avoiding deep-vein thrombosis.
  • Bring noise-isolating earphones. An eye-mask is also helpful. You can usually plug the earphones into airline seats, giving you better audio than the earphones provided by the airline.
  • Bring a variety of things to do. A pen, a pad of paper, and an MP3 player will keep you busy throughout the flight.

How do you fly over the ocean?

  • gary

    in addition to your tips i take ‘no-jet-lag’. it is a homeopathic remedy for travel fatigue. it helps me. i also wear over the knee compression socks for for dvt.

  • Kevin

    I’m too cheap to buy the Bose $300 noise cancelling earphones and suffered on many flights between Canada / Asia and Canada/ US over the years. Prior to my most recent red-eye flight from San Francisco to Toronto, I purchased a pair of relatively inexpensive Sony noise cancelling headphones (about $60). I’m certain that I would not have survived that full flight without them and wonder how I ever managed before.

  • mom

    If you do not wish to listen to the airline audio anymore (from the music, radio or movie channels), bring good quality earplugs. They can also protect your ears from your other people’s snoring, or noise of children crying. :)

    Bring socks. Some airlines do not give them out anymore. It’s important to keep your feet warm.

    Wear shoes without shoelaces. They’re easier to put on and off, whether at the airport or on the plane.

    Bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste. I was surprised to find on my last flight that Northwest does not give them out anymore.

    On long haul flights, I prefer the aisle seats. It’s easy to get off my seat to walk around or go to the rest room. The advantage is you can get off that seat without disturbing your row-mates, but unfortunately, the disadvantage is they disturb you. Can’t win them all.

    An inflatable neck pillow helps keep your head off a stranger’s shoulders.

    Bring a book you’ve started to read and know you like. It’s not fun to get stuck with a new, yet disappointing, book.

    Some airlines provide a place for parking your eyeglasses. If you’re not sure they do, bring the eyeglasses case so you can put it into the pocket infront of you, without the risk of twisting your glasses. Check that pocket before you disembark.

  • Benny

    What I usually do is stay awake the night before (watching movies, doing whatever) so I am really tired and can sleep on the plane…

  • How do you fly over the ocean? By plane?

    Seriously, I dunno. Bring a book, PSP or just anything that will keep you busy.

    One thing I do know, never take off your shoes while on flight or you may not put it back on again.


  • I’m not a frequent flyer. And I only usually fly short distances. But my sister made it a point to bring a book to read in long flights. I think I can do with a magazine in short flights.

    Oh, and don’t drink too much of the complimentary red wine. ;)