New blog design

Well, it’s still really the Networker-10 theme underneath, but I’ve stripped away a lot of the CSS that made my site look heavy, moved things around, added some quick links along the top, and finally got around to making sure wp-cache worked. The site should be nice and zippy again. Check it out at!

  • I’m not really sure it’s nice and zippy. Firebug reports at least 15 seconds before WordPress responds to the first request.

  • Hmm, the initial redirect from to takes a bit of a while. Odd…

  • rjh

    Also, check with “Yslow”. It has various nags about things to improve. (It’s somewhere on Yahoo.)

    One interesting quirk is that I tried disabling your Javascript (NoScript) and it got a lot faster to load. There is nothing noticeably broken, so you get taken off the whitelist. Whatever dependency you used to have is gone. I prefer this. Requiring JS is hostile to the disabled.

    Update: oops. Looks like JS is needed to comment.

  • I noticed that AJAX comments was slow, so I’ve disabled the plugin. =) Things should be marginally better now. Also, I’m continuing to tweak my Apache and MySQL settings. Who knew that 256MB could go so fast?