Sewing: Wool jumper, blazer

(blazer not pictured). This is the jumper I made following Simplicity 4097. I also made a blazer from the pattern. It was my first time working with wool, lining, interfacing, facing sections, and sleeves. My conclusions? Wool was pretty easy to work with, lining made everything look terrific (even if my seams didn’t quite match up), and sleeves were difficult. Mine still pucker a little. But it’s not bad at all, and I’ve worn it outside the house already. Whee!

  • Drupal, Emacs, books, presentations and public speaking… you were still human then. Sewing? Now, that’s just too much time. =D

  • It’s relaxing and I like being able to make things. Plus, I’ve always found shopping for clothes to be very frustrating because it’s difficult to find simple clothes I like, so I think it might even become a net win.

    Same amount of time. My sewing time seems to be replacing going-to-bed-earlier time, which affects get-up-early-and-write time. I might enforce some limits: 30 minutes instead of as long as I want. ;)

  • Hmm… it looks like the dress you wore to WordCamp on Saturday. Quite nice. Did you make that long skirt you were wearing on Sunday? Nice colours.

    I didn’t say hi… got shy. You looked rather busy working the room with your impressive networking kung fu. Anyway, I’m saying hi now… since it dawned on me that there were at least 2 other Pinoys in that room… Rannie and you. I’ve always wanted to make an online directory of Pinoy-Canadian bloggers (or Pinoy bloggers living/working in Canada), but I’m not aware of many here… I envy the growing movement of major blogger meet-ups and blog networking among Pinoys in the Philippines. Most of my regular readers (and blog recognition/awards) come from the Philippines, not here…

    Just another Pinoy-Canadian blogger,
    Massa P