Learning about conviction and life

One of the videos we watched last weekend was Ever After, which is my favorite Cinderella reimagining because Drew Barrymore plays a no-nonsense Cinderella who doesn’t wait for anyone to rescue her, isn’t pining away for a prince (or the fjords), and is a bit of a bookworm.

The prince is amazed–and a little perturbed–at how Cinderella lives with such passion and conviction. She’s alive in a way unlike her stepsisters, her stepmother, and all the people at court are not.

It’s tempting to let my passions lull, to lose them in the bustle of everyday, to moderate them in order to be like others, to fritter away time and energy. But I know what I love doing: I love helping people connect and collaborate. So I’m going to. =)

  • Ah, yes, conviction is something I highly value. It gives me purpose and direction. It gives me something to live and die for. I plan to stay single so that I can pool my strength and resources for what I believe in. Sacrifice is gratifying when you know it is for advancing a cause you deem is noble.

    I believe in singleness of purpose, thus I can sum that to commit myself to God, Country, and People. There are times when I felt exhausted. But I made it a point to make a way to regain strength, and to better pace myself to prevent exhaustion as much as possible.

    I have a problem, though. At the threshold of death, I believe that I will regret that I had not done enough for my convictions. I somehow feel I will never be satisfied with what I will give.

    • Paul Bernard


      I think you are missing a very key point. You might want to reconsider your position. However remember I am not you and you know best.

      In my case with a partner, I/we/it am/are/is significantly stronger than either of us could ever be on our own. Obviously you need the right partner.

      One term for the effect is “gestalt entity”.

      – paul

      • It’s kinda funny, looking back at how I used to think. For some reason, I had picked up the idea that relationships would distract me from what I Really Needed to Do. But now that I’m in a real relationship with someone who’s just incredible, it’s hard for me to imagine doing any of this without being able to share this life with him. We laugh together, bounce ideas off each other, inspire support each other, and keep each other moving forward. The start of this relationship was really challenging, but it’s well worth it. =)

  • wow we need conviction in life to keep going

  • KL

    hi sacha.. i don’t if you still remember me from gradeschool (4th grade with ms. filio).. nice blog.Ü i found you while browsing at blogcatalog.. anyways, hope you’re doing great.. i miss going to your house.Ü

    • Wow, you remember that far. Cool! =) Nice to see you’re blogging!