Weekly review: Week ending November 9, 2008

This week:

  • Got ready for the second release of my Drupal-based project. Things are going well!
  • Attended the Women in IBM Networking Group’s executive mentoring session. Realized I don’t want to become an executive considering the compromises people make. ;)
  • Not only survived the videotaping of my Top 10 Web 2.0 Tools GBS Consultants Should Try session, but gave the guy a few tips on video production. Played around with Camtasia Studio for making picture-in-picture shows.
  • Attended the HR.com/SelectMinds corporate social networking teleconference session on new hire onboarding. No surprises, although picked up a few good stories about Southwest and other companies.
  • Booked my flight to Montreal.
  • Dropped by hacklab.to. Ran into Jed. Good conversation about job-hunting, social networking, Emacs, etc.
  • Played around with CiviCRM for personal contact relationship management.
  • Helped out with a talk on mentoring by telling my story about blogs.
  • Mindmapped and storyboarded Montreal talk.
  • Printed out necessary forms for permanent residency application.
  • Tweeted much more than before, thanks to iPod Touch.

Next week:

  • Push release-2 to production server.
  • Document release procedure so that other people can do it in the future (and so that I can take it with me to future projects).
  • Finish whatever enhancements I have time to do.
  • Deliver session in Montreal on students and Web 2.0 at work.
  • Meet up with lots of interesting Montreal-basedpeople, including friends I haven’t seen in a while.
  • Fill in one of my permanent residency forms.
  • Finish black skirt.
  • Mail package to Randell.
  • Yay!

  • flavio

    Hi Sacha Chua!

    I am Flávio from Brazil, generally I read your emacs posts.

    I like mind maps too, I would like to know how you do mind mapping and if you have any tips.


    • Thanks for the nudge – I got around to posting my notes about preparing a presentation. =)

      If I have my tablet handy, I usually use the Inkscape vector drawing program to draw mindmaps. I like it because I can draw anything I want. It’s not actually a mindmapping program, but it works for me.

      I also like mindmapping on paper, and I often do this before presentations or when I’m figuring out something knotty.

      If I need to capture a _lot_ quickly, or if I need to keep things more organized, then I use Freemind. I type faster than I write, and Freemind makes it easy to reorganize nodes using only the keyboard.

      Hope that helps!

      • flavio

        I liked the drawing you did about people going into and out of the talk and the idea to find ways to people get from point A to point B. I will try to use it next time I have a presentation to do.

        I like mind mapping on paper. Sometimes I use freemind, but I do the initial sketch on paper. Write directly on paper keeps me focused on the main goal.

        Thanks for sharing !