Weekly report: Week ending April 5, 2009

From last week:

  • Deploy new release of Transition2 Lessons learned
  • Ride my bike! =)
  • Work on organizing talks, ideas, and material some more Thought about possible ways to organize the information


  • Explored task management systems
  • Played catch using lacrosse sticks =)
  • Started sewing a blouse
  • Found someone for sewing lessons
  • Coordinated with other IBMers interested in virtual conferences
  • Had a great conversation with my manager
  • Experimented with outsourcing transcription – yay!

This week:

  • Clear up Transition2 issues
  • Moderate a panel at Mesh, attend the afterparty
  • Give a talk at the Women in Technology group
  • Tweak my task management process a bit more – maybe look into Org integration over the weekend?
  • I was just on AIM w/ Adam Pash (editor of http://www.Lifehacker.com) and we came to the consensus that Tracks (www.getontracks.org) is a great Task management application. However, it is a bit touchy to install, so Bitnami (www.bitnami.org) came up with a brand new installer, just for those of us unwilling to install Ruby-on-Rails, MySQL, and Apache, just to run one app.

    visit http://bitnami.org/stack/tracks for a look see.

  • I think it would be pretty awesome to have Toodledo – Tracks integration, so that I can still use my iPod Touch to check my task list, but I can tweak the Web interface… =)