Garden updates

Our organic fruit, vegetable and herb garden is coming along wonderfully.


That’s about two-thirds of the garden. The other third would be the zucchinis, who have taken over the entire corner:

The most exciting news is that the tomatoes are beginning to ripen, which means that there will be plenty of salsa, bruschetta, and tomato sauce in our future. I’m particularly excited about the grape tomatoes, as the small tomatoes sell at a premium in supermarkets and are thus usually off our grocery list. The early tomatoes we planted are maturing first, and the grape tomatoes will follow in due course.


Other small fruits are starting to appear. The 5-colour peppers and the green peppers are adorable!


More exotic veggies are coming out, too. Here’s the edamame I planted in a pot:

and the okra:

We get enough basil for four good-sized servings of pesto each week:


(sage and parsley are in there too, too)

I’ve been snacking on beans, as we harvest so many of them:

Bush beans

The strawberries have made some runners, and I’ll figure out where to put them after we replace the tomatoes with a raised bed.

All the pictures:

  • Is it just me or there’s this shell-like thing on the okra?

  • Wow! I’m jealous of your garden. It was so real! I only have mine in Farmville. :( These are the perils of living in a condo, where there is no land. :(

  • You can grow herbs and even some fruits and vegetables in pots, too! =)

  • Francisco Arevalo

    You have a lovely garden! I’m planting some tomatoes here in a few weeks, when spring begins in the southern hemisphere!

    You should enjoy that tomato sauce and pesto with some home-made gnocchi! You can find lots of good simple recipes online, and they taste awesome with sauces!

  • Denise General

    That’s a beautiful garden! It looks like you could survive a shortage at the supermarket. Wish I could have a veggie and herb garden too. For right now, I’ll keep my seed packets and wait til I’ve settled down. ;)

  • If you’ve got a little bit of light, you can grow things. =)

    Looking forward to growing season again. Wonder if my outdoor plants will survive the winter! We have high hopes for the new blueberry bushes in front of the porch.