Weekly review: Week ending Nov 29, 2009 (and website redesign!)

If you’re reading this in your feed reader, check out my new site design at http://sachachua.com! =) 

It’s amazing what you can do with focused time. I created my own website theme, tweaked a number of things that had been bugging me, and tried some optimizations. I’d love to hear what you think about the new theme, and what could make the site even better for you. =) Looking forward to your comments!

Plans from last week:


  • Catch up on deferred work
  • Interview Jason Wild
  • Present “Remote Presentations That Rock” at IBM women’s leadership program
  • Double-check calendar (including speaking engagements)
  • Also: Organized training activity
  • Documented processes
  • Set up community for women’s leadership program
  • Filed expenses from Boston trip
  • Nudged manager


  • Take more pictures
  • Tidy up around house
  • Also: Enjoyed watching W- play Quake 4


  • Work on writing backlog
  • Review editors’ feedback
  • Bake another pie
  • Cut pieces for a coat
  • Also: Sent permanent residency paperwork
  • Created new website theme that involves more sketches and a grid layout, yay!
  • Started learning animation
  • Ordered Anime Studio 6 Debut
  • Learned more about drawing
  • Picked up tons of books from the library
  • Looked up paperwork needs

Plans for next week:


  • Support training sessions, community
  • Interview speaker for podcast
  • Talk to various people in the organization about similar initiatives


  • Spend more time cooking
  • Buy/make gifts


  • Tweak blog some more
  • Learn more about animation
  • Post sketches
  • Recover from cold
  • CC

    Bright and Wonderful !

    I’d like to know : and all that site within emacs and planner ?
    (I use planner “locally” and basically).

  • Great new look Sacha! Looking forward to reading more about your programming work in the next few weeks/months. :)

  • Good sketched icons ;-)
    It could have been clearer if all the icons would have been on the same screen (one have to scroll down to discover all your interests – your communication would have been more efficient with a more compact view) ;

    An idea I could use one day for myself: putting your categories on a schematics with circles that define you and that could delimit areas of interest (like technophile (for geek, emacs, drupal, for example), communicative (for speaking, outsourcing, connecting, sketching, for example), and passionate (for work, life, weekly)… I can draw you a draft representing what I think about if you’re interested – in a comment that’s difficult to render… Tell me what you think of this idea :-).

  • CC: No, this is WordPress-based, but you can certainly spruce up your Planner with a CSS grid theme and images in the published output. =)

    Dean: Just some CSS tweaks I picked up from the Net, and some hand-hacking of the database and navigation links…

  • dismantr: That might make a good separate page. =)

    I thought about having a horizontal toolbar of words, but I need to fiddle a bit with the icons in order to make that pretty. I should probably remove the words from the icons. That’ll help me use space more effectively, and it’ll be more accessible, too.