Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2009

Plans from last week:

  • Work
    • From plans:
      • Facilitate idea lab
      • Develop more training material. Slow going; have been working on Idea Lab things. 
      • Connect with people throughout the organization
    • Also:
      • Filled in more details for my personal business commitments review
      • Reviewed the report for a conference I helped organize
      • Did some SecondLife training for an upcoming
      • Did some awesome LotusScript + analytics hacking
      • Attended Dan Roam’s terrific Back of the Napkin teleconference at IBM
      • Renewed my social insurance number
      • Did some preliminary analysis of Idea Lab results
  • Relationships
    • From plans:
      • Organize lunches with friends Two lunches planned for next week, semi-work-related
      • Practice reaching out to my network Sent e-mail updates out to some people based on conversations
    • Also:
      • Helped J- with her costume
      • Handed out candy for Halloween
      • Got a great e-mail from my mom regarding small dreams
  • Life
    • From plans:
      • Finish my skirt Almost there. Pinning up a hem took ages!
      • Delegate flyer review and menu planning http://sachachua.com/delegator/c/sacha/grocery
      • Create a simple animation Bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, looking forward to drawing at work
    • Also:
      • Got back into the swing of reading and blogging (yay routines)
      • Learned that I probably just need to get a business bank account if I want to do business under my own name
      • Turned up the intensity of my biking to make it more exercise-y, yay

Plans for next week:

  • Work
    • Give talk on “Remote Presentations That Rock” (if you’re in IBM, ping me for details)
    • Get my visa application sorted out
    • Create community guide for training
    • Organize handouts for training
  • Relationships
    • Tidy house and prepare lots of meals
    • Help make house routines even smoother
  • Life
    • Finish my skirt and start on pants
    • Clean up the back yard
    • Wake up before 6 every day
  • what a busy week.

  • It didn’t feel like a very busy week. I had enough time to explore hobbies, relax, have fun… =) Maybe I just take better notes than many people do. If this really does sound like a busy week, check out my notes on How to Do a Lot. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Unknown

    I always wanted to have a blog like this so i could share my personal ideas, plans and goals. Too bad i am sooo sooo busy with work, school and business. I feel like the 24/hr a day isn’t enough.

    (EDIT: Please post as yourself, not as your website.)

  • We all have the same 24 hours. ;) Choose your priorities, figure out how to work more efficiently and effectively, and make the most of the time that you do have. Be honest with yourself. It’s never about not having enough time, it’s about having different priorities. Some people prefer to watch television or read books more than blogging. That’s their choice, and if it works out for them, good. Others find that the time they invest in thinking things through helps them with work, school, and business. =)

    Tom Peters said that your calendar never lies (hat-tip to Brian Storms for the link). What does your calendar say about you?