Weekly review: Week ending November 1, 2009

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Plans from last week:

  • Work
    • From plans:
      • Facilitate idea lab
      • Develop more training material. Slow going; have been working on Idea Lab things. 
      • Connect with people throughout the organization
    • Also:
      • Filled in more details for my personal business commitments review
      • Reviewed the report for a conference I helped organize
      • Did some SecondLife training for an upcoming
      • Did some awesome LotusScript + analytics hacking
      • Attended Dan Roam’s terrific Back of the Napkin teleconference at IBM
      • Renewed my social insurance number
      • Did some preliminary analysis of Idea Lab results
  • Relationships
    • From plans:
      • Organize lunches with friends Two lunches planned for next week, semi-work-related
      • Practice reaching out to my network Sent e-mail updates out to some people based on conversations
    • Also:
      • Helped J- with her costume
      • Handed out candy for Halloween
      • Got a great e-mail from my mom regarding small dreams
  • Life
    • From plans:
      • Finish my skirt Almost there. Pinning up a hem took ages!
      • Delegate flyer review and menu planning https://sachachua.com/delegator/c/sacha/grocery
      • Create a simple animation Bought a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch, looking forward to drawing at work
    • Also:
      • Got back into the swing of reading and blogging (yay routines)
      • Learned that I probably just need to get a business bank account if I want to do business under my own name
      • Turned up the intensity of my biking to make it more exercise-y, yay

Plans for next week:

  • Work
    • Give talk on “Remote Presentations That Rock” (if you’re in IBM, ping me for details)
    • Get my visa application sorted out
    • Create community guide for training
    • Organize handouts for training
  • Relationships
    • Tidy house and prepare lots of meals
    • Help make house routines even smoother
  • Life
    • Finish my skirt and start on pants
    • Clean up the back yard
    • Wake up before 6 every day
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