Notes from VizThink video on Visual Notetaking 101

Visual notes from VizThink video on Visual Notetaking 101

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Next actions:

  • Post notes
  • Practice with podcasts, webcasts, books, and teleconferences
  • Collect symbols
  • Develop a visual vocabulary

Three hours summarized on one page!

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  • Karl

    Was the 3 hours webinar worth the 99$ it normally cost?
    How does it relate to the “Back of the Napkin” book by Dan Roam ?

  • Karl: As it turns out, I’d taught myself most of the ideas already through reading and practice. It was interesting to hear from the three speakers, though, and to see the difference in their working styles. I would have preferred to see much of that in a transcript, blog post, or e-book instead, but that’s probably because I’m more visual than auditory when it comes to learning.

    “Back of the Napkin” has more things that made me think. I like the toolkit that Back of the Napkin provides: the questions, the SQVID framework for exploring different graphing alternatives, and so on. I think it gives more value for money and time. But that’s me. I like learning from books and experience. =) Other people like listening and watching, so recorded webcasts like this might work out for them.

    If you’re starting out, I’d recommend reading Back of the Napkin (there’s a new version), looking at some mindmaps and visual notes, and practicing on books, conference calls, and other material.

    What would create even more value for me? I’d love to see a collection of visual metaphors, organizing layouts, and other thinking tools. Break out the fishbones and flowcharts! ;) I’d like to see different versions of visual notes for the same topic so that I can compare styles and figure out which ones work best for me and for readers.

    So I’m going to work on that myself, collecting ideas and examples… =) It’ll be fun!

  • Karl

    Thanks for your recommendations.

    I have already ordered Back of the napkin extended edition with So I should have it in a few weeks.


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