Weekly review: Week ending June 27, 2010

Happy summer! I finished building my Adirondack chair today. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever sat in a chair that was just the right size for me. It took only two weekends, thanks to the templates that W- made. I also spent some time tweaking my box joint jig. I can turn out reasonably-well-jointed boxes now, yay!

Our garden is paying off. This afternoon, we grazed on sugar peas, snow peas, tomatoes, and strawberries, picking and eating things straight off the stem. The nasturtiums I planted out front because of their edible flowers turned out to be quite peppery, reminding me of radishes. I planted four kinds of basil in the back garden box in preparation for pesto season. Life is good.

From last week’s plans:


  • [X] Prepare and give Extreme Blue presentation on making pitches – 20 people
  • [X] Draft next monthly newsletter
  • Chatted with Boz and Rooney about newsletter tool – removed need for authentication
  • Created community blog dumper for Karen Keeter
  • Invited more experts to our expertise location pilot
  • Planned think labs
  • Helped summarize Jam


  • [-] Apply for marriage licence  – printed it out
  • [ ] Finish influence map stories
  • [ ] Fix jacket for tea ceremony
  • [-] Decide on photographer (or whether we’ll have one)
  • Built chair
  • Helped W- and J- shop for J-‘s graduation dress
  • Introduced a friend to Dream in High Park; gave her job interview tips


  • [X] Draw/scan at least three sketches
  • Helped more people with mail merge

Plans for next week:


  • [  ] Bike to work on sunny days


  • [  ] Drop off marriage licence application
  • [  ] Blog more stories
  • [  ] Fix jacket for tea ceremony
  • [  ] Start on storage bench project
  • [  ] Pick out swatches for my chair


  • [  ] Do research for tablet?
  • [  ] Draw, draw, draw
  • Hello,

    I’ve been reading your blog since quite a while and have learnt quite a few things from here. Amongst other things, I like the way you post weekly and montly reviews to your site.

    I was wondering how you make those posts to your blog — if you have some mechanism to post from org-mode to wordpress. I’m a new org-mode convert [and new to lisp, too] and am thoroughly enjoying it. I recently ported a blogging client based on muse-mode, to use org-mode. I was hoping you could try it and comment on it. The code is at http://github.com/punchagan/org2blog


  • Thanks! I sometimes export regions as HTML and paste them into my blog, but I’d love to find a better way.

  • Hi Sacha

    I’m a virtual stalker and I’m breaking the first rule of stalking right now. I’m fascinated with the things that you do. I’ve read in your previous posts that you love to do many things–and by “many” I mean all sorts of totally unrelated things. I just read your post today about the chair and would love to see a picture of it, if you don’t mind. Can you post it on your blog? Thanks!

  • Welcome!

    Will do. Here’s a picture of the work in progress, with W-‘s completed chair on the far side of the deck. Mine looks like his now, except it’s smaller (just the right size! Whee!) and still has the uneven top. I’m thinking about whether or not to cut the back slats on a curve. The uneven back slats make it look home-made, but that’s a good thing… <laugh>

    Pretty awesome for ~ $140 of lumber and parts, two weekends, and lots of stories!