Bike ride in the rain

I’ve just come back from a bike ride organized by the Toronto Bicycling Network. The ride was supposed to go from High Park to Port Credit, but we stopped at the Tim Hortons near Alexandra Avenue and Lakeshore Road because it was raining so hard. The Tim Hortons we stopped at was just 3.5km from the destination, though, so I’d count that as mostly there. =) In total, I biked 33.7km in about two hours of constant rain, although part of that time was spent rather comfortably sipping hot chocolate inside the cafe.

This is where we ended up:


I’d never been that far west on my bicycle, and I haven’t biked in the rain for such a distance or length of item. It’s not that scary after all, although I wish I’d worn my rain pants and my gloves!

  • @sachac As an easy bike ride on a long afternoon, I’ve taken the subway north and bike west to come down the Humber River trail. The northern section isn’t completely contiguous, but since the parks mostly connect beside the river, the gradual downhill slope to the lake offsets the slight diversions onto residential streets.

    I haven’t enjoyed the few times that I’ve joined a large group of cyclists, because my interests didn’t seem to mesh up with others. The fixed start time adds some stress to the freedom of cycling, and can be complicated by weather, as happened with you. The weather really was stormy on Saturday, but the sun came out by mid-afternoon, so I was out cycling for about 3 hours as the temperature slowly dropped.