Starting piano again

J- and I have started piano lessons at a nearby music school. The teacher evaluated her as Grade 3-4, and has assigned her some pieces to work on. Me, I’m slowly working my way through Alfred’s Adult All-in-One Piano Course Level 2. 

I was nervous. It was hard to remember to hit the keys and breathe. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of both over time.

My homework: the first part of the overture from the opera “Raymond”. This is the part that sounds like this:

… except I sound more like clompclompclomp-“How do I get my right hand to play a slur while my left hand is playing staccato!?”-clompclompslurclomp-WHEEZE-“Right, must remember to breathe”-clompclompclomp-“Oops!”–clompclompclompclomp.

Well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. =)

  • Well done on starting the lessons!

    Practice each hand separately at first and start off slowly, then bring the hands together later. Don’t be afraid to play the piece slowly to establish the correct fingering. It is important to get the
    fingering established first before getting the piece up to speed.