Dealing with a heat wave in Toronto

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The weather forecast calls for highs of 37ºC (99ºF), with the humidity making it feel like 46ºC (114ºF). I look slightly enviously at the temperatures in Manila, with forecast highs of 32ºC (89ºF). Airconditioning keeps the house comfortable, but not cold. When J- comes in from the outside, the heat almost visibly cascades off her.

Here’s how we’re dealing with it:

  • We minimize cooking: Summer salads, burgers, and leftovers make for low-fuss and low-heat meals. Well, burgers still call for lots of cooking, but at least it’s outside, so we don’t have to waste any airconditioning energy on it. We sometimes plug the rice cooker into the outside socket, but I haven’t felt like making rice lately. (Gasp!) In lieu of rice, I’ve been toasting bread to go with eggs, cooking couscous as a quick-and-low-effort carb to go with sauteed kale and chard, and enjoying the vegetable experiments that W- makes out of cabbage, potatoes, and other leftovers.
  • We use fans to improve air circulation. The house’s air conditioning is fine, but it’s much improved with a few strategically placed fans. The fans often make it perfectly comfortable even without air conditioning.
  • We drink plenty of water. Well, I drink plenty of water. W- has the occasional Coke as a summer treat. =) Juice is my summer treat.
  • We wear hats when walking around. It’s amazing what a difference a good hat can make: it keeps the sun off your eyes, prevents squinting, and cools you down a bit. I really like my Tilley hat. It’s the same kind W- has.

How are you holding up?

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