Starting piano again

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J- and I have started piano lessons at a nearby music school. The teacher evaluated her as Grade 3-4, and has assigned her some pieces to work on. Me, I’m slowly working my way through Alfred’s Adult All-in-One Piano Course Level 2. 

I was nervous. It was hard to remember to hit the keys and breathe. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of both over time.

My homework: the first part of the overture from the opera “Raymond”. This is the part that sounds like this:

… except I sound more like clompclompclomp-“How do I get my right hand to play a slur while my left hand is playing staccato!?”-clompclompslurclomp-WHEEZE-“Right, must remember to breathe”-clompclompclomp-“Oops!”–clompclompclompclomp.

Well, everyone’s gotta start somewhere. =)

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