Weekly review: Week ending September 2, 2011

It felt like a reasonable week. Looking back, though, I'm surprised by how much I finished! =)

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Make more improvements for project T
    • [X] Follow up on looking for an information architect for project T
    • [X] Follow up on code for project I
    • [X] Prepare technology selection notes for project O
    • Prototyped project O with Rails
    • Prototyped project O with Drupal 7 and Maestro
    • Solved bugs for project I
    • Set up LotusLive Activity for project T
    • Started project assessments for project M and project C
    • Changed settings for project C
    • Fixed calendar bug for project M
    • Helped out with communities of practice program
    • Talked to people about the Community Toolkit
  • Relationships
    • [X] Figure out LCD character display
    • [X] Help J- learn how to program the Arduino
    • [X] Reupholster chairs
    • [X] Transcribe blogging interview, really
    • Followed up on gifts
    • Started shopping for gifts for friends
    • Sent more travel details to family
    • Have been very good at responding to e-mail, yay!
  • Life
    • [-] Sketch year in review
    • [X] Continue working on dashboard
    • [-] Try microphone as sound sensor
    • [-] Prepare month in review with stats
    • Set up new laptop, yay yay yay! =D
    • Hired virtual assistant, open to hiring more
    • Started visualizing hours
    • Learned about keyboard shortcuts and productivity tools for Windows 7
    • Filed all my previous notes from Emacs (yay more memory and a faster hard drive)

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Start on redesign for project T
    • [ ] Do other coding tasks for project T
    • [ ] Follow up on project O
    • [ ] Revise drawings for Hello Monday! comic series
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Go to Quantified Self Toronto meetup, share notes on time tracking
    • [ ] Reply to questions about quantified self
    • [ ] Follow up on cat hotel / vets - choose an option
    • [ ] Volunteer at Free Geek Toronto: take inventory of equipment, filter cards, improve checklist
  • Life
    • [ ] Dashboard: Make hour visualization more flexible
    • [ ] Dashboard: Get input from CSV
    • [ ] Brainstorm other ways I can use delegation to improve life
    • [ ] Take advantage of long weekend to plan projects
    • [ ] Replace curtains (Value Village or Canadian Tire?)
    • [ ] Look into buying summer flat shoes while they're on clearance
    • [ ] Laptop: Copy photos and sketches onto new hard drive
    • [ ] Try microphone as sound sensor
    • [ ] Prepare month in review with stats

Time analysis

ActivityThis weekLast weekDeltaNotes
D - Break2.41.90.5
D - Delegating0.60.6
D - Drawing2.010.0-8.0New laptop
D - Learning9.5-9.5
D - Other2.54.8-2.3Setting up laptop, transcription
D - Personal12.73.98.8Setting up laptop, delegation
D - Reading0.1-0.1
D - Shopping2.02.0
D - Social9.17.81.3
D - Volunteering3.8-3.8Short gap between build classes
D - Writing11.35.06.3
R - Exercise6.212.2-6.0Walking, Thursday CSA bike
R - Routines6.48.2-1.8
R - Cooking7.41.55.9Cooking sprint
R - Eating5.02.03.0
R - Tidying3.73.70.0
R - Travel0.60.6Was at the office on Friday
Sleep56.053.52.58 hours / night
Work40.140.10.0Got lots of stuff done

Discretionary time averaged 5 hours / workday, 8.7 hours / weekend day (more weekend time taken up by cooking sprint). Less discretionary time overall, but more time on workdays. Interesting combination. Sleep back up to eight hours a day, stdev of 1.2 hours. Slightly tired, but well-fed. Possible RSI twinges, maybe aggravated by typing sprint during transcription? May need to take more breaks.

Good week! Looking forward to focused hacking during the long weekend.