Weekly review: Week ending October 28, 2011

New work laptop! Awesome. The Lenovo T420 (1600x900 resolution) is even wider than my X220i. Setting it up was relatively painless, and I'm looking forward to using it to make next week even better.

Work was pretty hectic. Lots of progress on the different projects I'm working on. Still not wizardly fast with Rails, but glad to be able to quickly finish bugs and new features. Onwards!

Life: Wow, this was a school-heavy week. We photographed the Halloween party last Saturday in order to help out with the yearbook, we attended a secondary school information night, and we hosted a study group on Friday. Next week promises to be a bit lighter, and I'm looking forward to carving out more time for personal interests like writing and hacking.

Community-supported agriculture: The fall shares have started, and I've added minimal CSA-tracking to my home dashboard. Looking forward to playing with the data.

From last week's plans

  • Work
    • [X] Project O: Flesh out autosave on the form
    • [X] Project I: Follow up on SQL Server changes
    • [X] Project T: Follow up on pre-launch changes
    • [X] Interview at least two people about happiness and connectivity in our consulting practice - interviewed one person
    • Set up new laptop - yippee! Happiness just went way up.
    • Came up with some ideas for happiness and connectivity - extended game of human bingo, photo flashcards
    • Helped people with Web 2.0 questions
    • Scheduled IBM Drupal Users Group automated testing talk for November 16
    • Project O: Lots of new functionality and bugfixes!
  • Relationships
    • [X] Help J- catch up with school
    • [X] Attend secondary school info session
    • [X] Sort and share pictures
    • Facilitated math study group on exponents and scientific notation
    • Helped J- with history
    • E-mailed one of my godmothers because she's currently in Toronto
    • Met with energy advisor for pre-grant assessments
  • Life
    • [X] Take notes on library books
    • [X] Copy measurements into home dashboard
    • Bought a domain for my quantified self ideas

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Project O: Lots more work
    • [ ] Project I: Follow up on SQL Server changes
    • [ ] Project T: Follow up on pre-launch
    • [ ] Prototype flashcards - probably Rails
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Facilitate another fun study group
    • [ ] Help J- with writing
  • Life
    • [ ] Have massage!
    • [ ] Write about more quantified self stuff
    • [ ] Find other quantified self bloggers
    • [ ] Improve measurements for home dashboard

Time analysis

ActivityThis weekLast weekDeltaNotes
! Discretionary37.542.4-4.8
! Personal care12.616.6-4.0
! Unpaid work12.214.6-2.4
A - Sleep61.153.27.9A few naps; consistent early-morning wakeups
A - Work44.541.13.4Thought I would be taking more time off on Friday, overcorrected
D - Break1.30.80.5
D - Delegating0.2-0.2
D - Drawing0.70.8-0.1Practising drawing faces
D - Other0.110.6-10.5
D - Personal6.616.2-9.7Less work on dashboard this time
D - Reading4.41.03.3Reading lots of books and testing my library-related additions to dashboard
D - Shopping2.12.1
D - Social17.15.611.5School Halloween event, high school info night, study group
D - Writing5.37.1-1.8Didn't feel like a lot of writing. Want more!
P - Eating1.31.10.2
P - Exercise1.83.8-2.0Quick walk to subway and back
P - Routines9.511.7-2.2
UW - Cooking1.91.90.0Batch-cooked oatmeal, packaged our rib lunches
UW - Tidying6.65.61.0Getting ready for energy inspection etc.
UW - Travel3.77.1-3.4Commuting to work

Details: (Things may not multiply exactly due to rounding errors)

ActivityAverageWeekday averageWeekend average
Unpaid work1.71.13.2
Personal care1.82.11.2
Count5 weekdays2 weekend days
  • With respect to QS bloggers… I must confess I have started to (seriously) track my time. Since I don’t have an Android phone, I wrote a small javascript snippet using localStorage to store timestamps. This way I can timestamp my activities, and leave the analysis for good analysis tools. Started gathering data last Wednesday… Let’s see how it evolves!

    This is not my first stint into the QS world: since I read a NYTimes article about it I’ve been interested in the concept, and my idea of “life bookmarking” (I blogged about it a year and half ago) took the life logging idea into my life, sadly it’s hard to keep up.

    Have a nice start of the week!