Quantified Awesome: Thinking about what I want to build next

One of the best ways to make the most of those little pockets of time is to keep a someday list. What does my someday list for Quantified Awesome look like? What do I want to build next?

Emacs interface, so that I can add data and synchronize my Org-mode files: I’m split between Emacs and the Web right now. I love the customizability of Emacs, but I like the way my web app lets me easily share information. Solution: Build an API for Quantified Awesome, then integrate Emacs with it!

Android app: I’ll probably start with simple reports using the data exported from Tap Log Records, and maybe a synchronization tool that reuses the REST API I’ll be developing for Emacs integration anyway. After that, I can build my own tracking tools, which would make updating things like stuff locations much easier.

Shared memories: One of my projects is to collect and share family memories. It would be wonderful to organize these into a rough timeline and allow other people like my mom to add corrections or stories of their own. Maybe it will grow into a collaborative memory system someday!

100% test coverage: It’s my own project, so I might as well.

More graphs and statistics: Because slicing and visualizing data is fun!

Integrate my financial data, perhaps? Good to have my envelope-tracking system reflected in my personal dashboard, and maybe I can cross-reference this with time and feelings.

*Integrate automated tests for life.* Write more tests.

Build a web interface for tracking time, etc. That way, I can quickly jump over and enter a note.

Integrate my data from ThinkUp: I’ve been using ThinkUp to archive and analyze my tweets. Maybe I can overlay tweets onto my timeline and convert my current TapLogRecordsController into something more generic.

Learn how to use Mongo: Mongo’s freeform storage might make it much easier for me to stash all sorts of data in a rough timeline. Exploration needed!

So many good things to build. =)


  • R.Galacho

    Well, there’s a lot of rabbits to pull out of the topper. ¡¡Cage the Python!! :D:D

  • If you’re accepting input, my vote is on the shared memory project. I would LOVE something like that. I have long been mulling over something similar that I want to do (big rambly post about it: http://www.brockboland.com/2011/11/i-want-track-everything), but I hadn’t considered the possibility of adding a collaborative aspect so that, like you say, family members can fill in the gaps and things like that. Great idea!

  • Brock: Yeah, that’s definitely a good one to work on. 1000memories is an interesting start by someone else, but I’ll probably want more functionality around timelines and quick capture, so I don’t mind sketching my own system. =)

    R. Galacho: More than I’ll probably have time for next year, but that’s okay! I can just keep plugging away.

  • hi sacha
    any news about Emacs Interface ? I’m really think it would be awesome if I can use org-mode to publish time tracking to website!

  • caker: You can do basic time tracking with Org’s clock support (org-clock-in, org-clock-out), and I think you can get summaries out of that too. I’ll look into it one of these days and see if there’s a great Emacs way to do it. =)

  • yes , i’m using org-mode and emacs so far, and mobile-org for android device , but the problem is sync org-file (dropbox blocked in my country) , anyway , let me know ,if any good news ;)