Coming up with a three-word life philosophy

Because people like my sketchnotes so much, I’ve signed up for the Rockstar Scribe course to see if I can learn how to sketchnote even better. I’m curious about layout and figure and colour, and I’m sure this will be a good skill to develop over the next twenty years. I could probably learn a lot practising on my own, but I promised myself that I’d invest more in tools and education, so here I am!

Our first assignment was to draw a visual introduction. Among the guide questions was this one: What is your life philosophy in three words?

20121102 Three Word Life Philosophy - Sacha Chua

So this is me, at least right now. =) Learn, share, scale.

Rockstar Scribe (from Alphachimp University) – affiliate link, non-affiliate link

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  • Nice! I like Learn very much, too.

    I think Love would be in mine. That leaves one more. Hummm, tricky…. I would want to break out of the Verb mold. I’m thinking Coffee. ;) Ahh I know, Laugh. A verb after all!

    Hope I don’t have to sketch this….

  • Shardul

    This is awesome.
    You are saying something you already seem practising sincerely, unlike the crop of howto gurus.
    I also liked the images- especially connect the dots and sketchnote.

  • Raymond: Good words! For me, love underpins learning and sharing, and motivates me to learn how to scale. =)

    Shardul: Thanks! Looking forward to sharing the adventure.

  • Not a life philosophy (yet), but my motto for 2012 has been: Make More Mistakes

    I also had 7 verbs I chose to focus on this year (not all of which I’ve been successful with): Appreciate – Help – Socialize – Simplify – Exercise – Savor – Extend.

    My full post on the motto and the verbs is at . As it’s approaching the end of 2012, I supposed I need to review and revise for next year.

  • Trevor: Oh, I like those too! Good words.

    I’d love to read your annual review. =)

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