Sketchnotes: #INNOTalkTO Innovatively Speaking – Joanna Track, Justin Raymond, David Nam, Brenda Rideout

Click on the image for a larger version! Please feel free to share this under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. 20121107 INNOTalkTO - Joanna Track, Justin Raymond, David Nam, Brenda Rideout The panel was moderated by Matt Hartley. If you like this, check out my other sketchnotes! ING Direct invited me to this event.

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# INNO TALK TO. NOV 7, 2012. HOSTED BY ING CANADA INNOVATIVELY SPEAKING MODERATOR: Matt Hartley @ thehartley JOANNA TRACK @ eluxeCEO Want: integrated, inexpensive shipping e-commerce backened in one system IDEAS > EGO Credit for ideas-->lower level people too. Lead by example GROWING: Goals, Incentives Innovation can also be small things - taking a step INNOVATE or DIE. Never stop. Open concept, open door Autonomy -> acting in the moment ------------- Justin Raymond @justinMRaymond GROWING: maintaining access to the right people Innovation: Challenging the industry Getting inspired People walk in, People are making $ 400-500 a week andare excited HIRING - What do you think about Hailo? - 15-minute interviews - Done their homework? - Has passion? Culture of Listening: Drivers, passengers, staff I'm too old... -> I can do this! Energy & Passion Important for staying competitive Ex: How many other drivers are around me? Avoid bunching up, earn more PROTECTING: continuous innovation, continuous listening WANT: Hailo for nannies CHALLENGE: Communications - rumours, F.U.D., annoyances. Technology (BlackBerry) IDEAS>EGO: Don't hire people with egos ------- David Nam (@davidnam) STARTUP COMMUNITY: Let's just have coffee, get to know you as people. Don't be shy. Business benefits? We're now also a media company (also: activations...) Staying competitive: always looking for the next thing When we hire: case studies, structure and creativity WANT: Brands to invest. relationship Forums: Source of ideas we see it through IDEAS > EGO - Remember we're all people - Check yourself before you wreck yourself INSPIRATION: When I'm not working, I'm not working CHALLENGE: Personal balance, time; Business perception COLLABORATION: Great idea, people gravitate to it Innovation: "Holy shit!" moment I want to jump out of space! GROWING: nothing beats face time -------- Brenda Rideout (@SuperStarSaver) INSPIRATION: Experiences & gaming, learning about it IDEA > EGO: Admit when you're wrong TECHNOLOGY: Standards would be nice! HIRING: "Orange Fit" much more important. We don't hire bankers CHALLENGE: Branding, differentiation CONNECTING THE DOTS: Experience technology - What's possible? Innovation: Implementable Ideas BE A CHALLENGER: Never stop asking Orange spark WANT: Solve gridlock in Toronto Growing: Rotation from other parts of the bank Cross-pollination Staying competitive: Listening, getting feedback We're not afraid to FAIL.