Sketchnotes: #ENT101 Meet the Enterpreneurs: Social Innovation – Izzy Camillieri, IZ Adaptive; Kaela Bree, AussieX; Dessy Daskalav, Greengage Mobile

This sketchnote was captured live during the free MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 series (webcast and in-person session every Wednesday). Feel free to share this! You can credit it as (c) 2012 Sacha Chua under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Canada licence. Click on the image for a larger version of the sketchnotes.

20121212 ENT101 Meet the Enterpreneurs - Social Innovation - Izzy Camillieri, IZ Adaptive - Kaela Bree, AussieX - Dessy Daskalav, Greengage Mobile

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Text: MaRS ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101 Dec 12 2012 #ENT101 MEET THE ENTREPRENEURS: SOCIAL INNOVATION Izzy Camillieri, Iz Adaptive Kaela Bree, Aussiex @theaussiex Dessy Daskalov, Greengage Mobile Izzy Camillieri, Iz Adaptive doll dresses -> friends -> models now: clothing for people with disabilities There weren't many options for people out there. Determination. Also, walk before you run. coat. aha! seated position I feel HUMAN again. My "waitressing" jobs -> reduces stress, enables growth film cosmetics Working from home cut-off times leave as needed Inspiration Clients Changing lives Next opportunities? Aging population Shoes Undergarments Children Believe. Don't lose sight of the goal. Sometimes experience helps. (oh I see..) Learn the industry. Contacts. pick up the phone be involved Kaela Bree, Aussiex @theaussiex O-ring bracelet -> actress -> working with kids physical activity for kids, employees Aussie rules football Working from home change clothes/space try coworking CASH is king Understand your finances! HR is complicated and important. Partners must be aligned in terms of values. -> get external validation? due diligence different strengths Funding: Data and track record Think BIG and start small. ask for help Contacts: Persistence and determination Inspiration user stories Be grateful for the Journey The JOURNEY is the DREAM School for Social Entrepreneurs Vision: transform physical education in school 3-5 a day movement and stillness Choosing opportunities Time/effort Profit/cost Timeline.. advisors ex: 3 months then evaluate 1. Have a go. 2. Good on ya mate. 3. Have a ripper. Industry contacts and Board of advisors Have FUN. Laugh once in a while. Dessy Daskalov, Greengage Mobile sustainability contests -> mobile Prioritizing Mentors perspective Surround yourself with great people and ask for help Can be safer to raise money and get yourself on a good TRAJECTORY. Inspiration Community Business partners Choosing opportunities vision Pace of change curious minds Working from home pair up (partner or other freelancers) Don't wait to be READY. Jump in. Global vision Contacts: What can you offer them? Getting started Experience and contacts Network at events

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