Got Emacs questions? Let’s try Emacs tutoring / pair programming!

Getting started with Emacs? Need help tweaking your Emacs configuration? Curious about the tools and packages out there? Want to learn more about Emacs Lisp? Working on some open source Emacs code? Just want to talk Emacs with someone?

We can connect on Skype or Google Hangout, or I can ssh into your system if you’ve got that set up. Pay-what-you-can-and-what-you-think-it’s-worth. =) (It’s an experiment!) Student / in between jobs? Reach out anyway!

Comment below, contact me, or e-mail me at [email protected] with the subject “Emacs pair programming”. I’m generally available M-W-F and I’m in Toronto, so Eastern Standard Time (EST). Tell me when you’re available (and what timezone you’re in), what you’re curious about, and other things it would be nice to know about you. Let’s see what we can do! =)

  • Phil Hagelberg

    Interesting idea. I typically do a lot of pairing over SSH since I work remotely, so I put together a tool for easily launching EC2 instances configured for pairing. You just input a GitHub project, list of GitHub usernames, and AWS credentials and it spins up a machine for you to share a tmux session on:

    Might be useful for this kind of situation. It’s still a bit raw, but I’d be interested in feedback.

    • Wow, that infrastructure is cool. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’d like to try working on some special custom modes / extensions during the next company shutdown in July.  I hesitate to even mention it since it would be a low priority for the company (I’m the only Emacs user that I know of), but a great learning experience for me.  I’ll look over your “What I’m Learning” page again and see if I can offer something meaningful in return.  Another angle would be to have you present at an IEEE meeting here in CT.  Planning any trips to CT, NYC or Boston? :)

    • Raymond: Not at the moment, but I’d love to link up with you if I do! I’d be delighted to work with you on interesting Emacs hacks this July. Ping me then!