Monthly review: February 2013

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Last month, I wrote:

In February, I’d like to do a lot more coding and a lot more drawing.
We’ll see how it works out!

As it turned out, I did very little coding (aside from consulting), a decent amount of drawing, and a whole lot of writing. Which is good, because writing makes me happy too.

I’ve signed up for Hacklab, a coworking space in downtown Toronto. It still takes me some convincing to get myself out of the house, onto the subway/streetcar, and to Hacklab, but it’s nice hanging out with other geeks. It will be even better when I work up the courage to go biking again, I think. Many people have been biking recently. I have bike envy.

Lots of review and looking ahead now that I’ve reached the 1-year mark of my experiment. There’s something worth digging into here. Things aren’t quite lined up right, and it’s good to have the space to explore it.

Haven’t been to krav maga in a while. The classes are a bit intense. I might join W- for the yoga classes instead.

March: Some graphic recording, a keynote for the Emacs conference on March 30, and more writing and drawing and thinking. More biking too, I hope. And more planning and experimenting…

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