Visual book review: The Culture Blueprint (Robert Richman)

The Culture Blueprint is an upcoming book that draws on lessons from Zappo’s corporate culture. It offers a mix of high-level advice as well as practical tips on how to influence your company’s culture and help your company be more effective. I liked the chapter on implementation, which includes a sample conversation showing how someone negotiated an experiment’s scope until the person got the resources and commitment needed. The tips are geared more towards medium- to large-sized companies, but even small business owners can benefit from the focus on values and stories.

20130408 Visual Book Review - The Culture Blueprint - Robert Richman

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  • Love it @sacha hope to see more of these notes, I just fill in the blanks with my imagination due to my N and P on the Myer Brigg’s indicator.

    Although I am curious about one point where “are you willing to fire someone…” Especially in unionized jobs, it’s going to be difficult. Firing (instead of layoff) would also have to deal with legal repercussions.

  • DELAY Valérie

    Hi ! I had the opportunity to see a keynote of Robert Richman in Paris at the ScrumDay. I would like to read his book. Do you know where I can buy it ? His keynote was very interesting for me. Thanks a lot for your answer. V.Delay

  • awesome