Backyard work; Weekly review: Week ending June 14, 2013

W- and I spent all of Monday shoveling three tons of gravel and limestone screenings. The backyard is slowly taking shape. Whee! I like spending time with W-, and it’s good to get stuff done.

I’ve been experimenting with keeping my weekly plans pretty loose, putting down only my commitments instead of including optional tasks that I end up postponing anyway. I give myself plenty of space in my schedule, and then I work on whatever projects I’m interested in. My Emacs Org text file keeps a lot of TODOs and ideas to work on, and there are always things to learn. My interests tend to go in phases. These days, I lean more towards writing and coding than drawing visual book reviews, so my book backlog is piling up. C’est la vie!

Blog posts

Accomplished this week

  • Business
    • Earn
      • Earn: Consulting – E1 – Monday
      • Earn: Consulting – E1 – Thursday
      • Sketchnote B event – Tuesday
      • Revise illustration for M
    • Connect
      • Sketchnote Chris Chapman’s talk on how to live an amazing life
      • Hang out with Bernie Michalik and Aaron Kim
      • Meet Denise Balkissoon and discuss Quantified Self
    • Build
      • Quantified Awesome
        • Properly filter review by parent ID
        • Add total number of entries to record category view
        • Add day, month, and week columns to CSV for easy summary
        • Get cucumber tests to work
      • Start exploring Scrivener as a way of planning blog posts
  • Relationships
    • Help put in gravel
    • Hang out with Gabriel Mansour
    • Talk to Eric Boyd about timetracking
    • Chat with Mom
  • Life

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • Earn
      • [ ] Earn: Consulting – E1 – Thursday
      • [ ] Earn: Consulting – E1 – Tuesday
      • [ ] Earn: Consulting – E1 – Help on Saturday
    • Build
      • [ ] Sketchnote a book
      • [ ] Sort out receipt for cheques
      • [ ] Set up electronic link between main account and savings account
    • Connect
      • [ ] Prepare for presentation on Evernote and visual thinking
      • [ ] Give presentation on Evernote and visual thinking
      • [ ] Hang out with people and chat about blogging
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Do another strength training workout
    • [ ] Hang out with Emma
    • [X] Help put in limestone screenings
  • Life
    • … we’ll see!

Time review

  • Business: 36.0 hours (Earn: 19.2, E1: 12.1, Connect: 8.6, Build: 8.3)
  • Discretionary: 33.3 hours (Social: 5.8, Productive: 6.9, Writing: 5.5)
  • Personal: 25.1 hours (Routines: 11.1)
  • Sleep: 63.4 hours – average of 9.1 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 11.2 hours (Cook: 5.3)

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