Here’s the recording from “How to use Evernote to improve your visual thinking”

Check out my Evernote resource page for the one-page summary and Q&A. Enjoy!

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  • Charles Cave

    Terrific presentation Sacha – thank you! I will let you know how I use Evernote.

  • Raymond Zeitler

    I had already learned from an Evernote tutorial / ad (and your previous sketchnote) that it can find search terms in hand written content. But I learned a lot more from your presentation because you concisely described how you use tags & keywords in a “best practices” manner. So now the challenge for me is to photograph written notes with the front-facing camera — the Nexus 7 lacks the rear camera. :( I suppose I’ll have to start using smaller paper, too.

    Maybe I misunderstand what offline synchronization is, but my free version seems to do it. One thing lacking in the Android app is the ability to easily choose from existing tags when tagging an item. So I constantly worry about using “todo” on one note and “tasks” on another, etc.

    Thanks for presenting and for providing the promo code!

    • Oh, you can totally tag any which way you want. Then, when you realize you want to use one tag or another, use the tag search to select all notes with the old tag, and then use Evernote’s ability to add or remove tags to/from multiple notes. ;) (The desktop app makes that really easy.)

      Also, a scanner helps a lot. =)

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  • Geoffrey Roman

    Hi Sacha, and congratulations for this awesome blog!
    I’m a long time Evernote user but new to org-mode. As you’re an experienced org-mode user and an Evernote enthousiast, how do you use them together? What type of things you do on Evernote, and on org-mode?

    • I use Evernote for web clippings, images, notes on the go (decent mobile interface), and the occasional e-mail. I use Org Mode for outlines, planning, tasks, projects, reminders, weekly/monthly reviews, and some blogging. For example, when I’m planning a blog post, I might outline it in Org Mode first. I use the Evernote Web Clipper to save related blog posts and articles, because I might want to go back to those someday. Then I write the post in either Org Mode (with org2blog) or Windows Live Writer.

      I should get the hang of using Evernote note links. =) That would make this even awesomer, I think.