Sketchnotes: How to Live an Amazing Life (C.C. Chapman, Third Tuesday Toronto)

C.C. Chapman was in town to share insights from his latest book, Amazing Things Will Happen. Here are my sketchnotes from his talk tonight at Third Tuesday Toronto. =) Click on the image for a larger version, which should also print nicely on 8.5×11” in landscape mode. (Or even 11×17”!)

20130611 How to Live an Amazing Life - C.C. Chapman - Third Tuesday Toronto

Feel free to share this! (Creative Commons Attribution License – enjoy! Links are not required, but are welcome.)

For more about C.C. Chapman, check out his blog, podcast, or Twitter feed.

If you like this, you might also want to check out my other sketchnotes and visual book reviews, or download my collection of sketchnotes from 2012 (free/PWYC). It’s always fun helping good ideas spread!

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  • Thank you so much for doing this. Love the look and love that you had me sign it. VERY cool!!!

  • Quinn

    What a terrific way to communicate effectively. Well Done and nice to meet you! @CubicleFreeMan

    • Great to meet you too! We chatted about podcast illustrations. If you’re planning a particularly interesting podcast, ping me and we can explore the possibilities. =) (See the webinar that someone made with one of my sketchnotes!)

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  • Gene Sullivan

    Just audited your interview of Carsten Dominik last evening.

    Then looked you up today.

    Given your dePICTion — rather than text-only deSCRIPTion — above I’m surprised that neither of you mentioned org-mode’s ability to export to freemind during the interview.

    For other visitors, place cursor there —————-v then type C-x C-e while in emacs
    (define-function (function org-export-as-freemind))

    (browse-url “”)


    • That could be because I haven’t used it in a while. Thanks for reminding me of its awesomeness! =)